Hunger Journey – Berlin Day 4

You might have known already, I would start my day late, and no breakfast. I came out of Anora’s flat after 12pm. She told me again that I could help myself with breakfast from her kitchen. It was very nice of her. The first two days I survived with my brownies that I made before I left Harstad. I guess today an apple would be enough. Trust me, I will eat whenever I am hungry. Sometimes I will eat even when I haven’t felt really hungry yet. Often it’s the temptation of the food. I reckon you started to get to know me slightly better now? 😉

The next destination was Shiso Burger – check out their website I checked their website again before I departed. It was located in Auguststrasse. I wrote in my notebook: get off at U-Bahn Weinmeisterstrasse, go to Gipsstrasse, go straight ahead then turn left, it would be on your left side. It was 1.22pm, I came in and felt the busy atmosphere of lunch hours. Since I came on my own, it wasn’t difficult to find a seat. I shared a table with a woman and ordered my food right away. Excited already. The homemade fries looked tempting, not like what you could see on chain burger restaurants, but I had appointment with a friend at 2.30pm, so let only burger be my brunch. Toad burger and veggie burger were on my list, then I read the menu again, and since I preferred cheddar cheese to blue cheese, I chose veggie burger. It cost 4,50 Euro, plus apple juice 2,20 Euro, so I spent 6,70 Euro for the whole lot.

If you were wondering what in the burger was, since it’s veggie burger, it was tofu and grilled eggplants, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and mayo. It was gooood, I’ll tell you. After reading some reviews on Tripadvisor: Burgers with Japanese touch, Burger with a twist, Gourmet burgers in Gallery district, I bet you would be left curious like I did.

Hunger journey-Berlin-Shisoburger

Not too stuffed but happy, I decided to walk around a bit while killing the time before having my next appointment with Tika, a classmate at university back in Jakarta, many many years ago. She has lived in Germany, God knows how long, I lost track already. I checked on map where I was and in fact I wasn’t so far from Alexander Platz, where I was supposed to meet her. Walking was a good choice for me, while checking out the area. 

Okay, Tika, wo bist Du? (English: Where are you?)

To be continued


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