Hunger Journey – Berlin Day 3 Part 2

The next culinary experience I would have was with Mina, a Norwegian student that I got to know from last Kosmorama Film Festival in Trondheim, where both of us were volunteering. I kept in touch with her and discovered she was an exchange student at a university in Berlin now. I text her, asking if we could meet for dinner, she replied saying that she would like to show me a food market in Kreuzberg area, where she lived, which she thought it would be fun for me. Sounded really great and promising. She waited for me outside the Görlitzer U-Bahn station.

Markthalle neun, our destination, was indeed just a walking distance. It was around 6pm, and there were many people already. The food market itself would last from 5 to 10pm, every Thursday. Check out the website We started from the right side of the market and saw  different kinds of food, very exciting. I caught a glimpse of Fräulein Kimchi and decided to pay a visit there. I am a Kimchi fan, I tell you. Kimchi Princess restaurant was on my list, but hey, now I found Kimchi, I really should check it out. The more exciting part was that it wasn’t solely Kimchi, but Kimchi cheese burger with tofu, and I could choose what kind of sauce I would like to have in the burger. I can’t remember what other sauce choices were, mine was pineapple coriander. The burger cost 6 Euro. We sat next to the Ms Kimchi busy serving the enthusiastic customers who were probably not all used to this Korean spicy and sour fermented cabbage and radish. It was soooo goood I could cry with happiness. I might be not the most adventurous person about food, probably there are other places with this kind of Kimchi burger somewhere else on this planet, but still I will say this is really a creative idea. Thumbs up, Fräulein Kimchi!

Hunger journey-Berlin-fraeulein kimchi

I saw some people sitting next to me, presumably Americans from the way they spoke, eating a very gorgeous looking piece of cheese cake. But I remembered I still had another appointment afterwards, which would involve another meal, so I could wait until next time. Mina and I walked around again and were happy to buy a cone of ice cream. I bought Mango lassi flavour, which was again, sooo gooood. It cost 1,20 Euro. I spent 7,20 Euro and couldn’t be happier, having met some nice friend accompanied by good food. Life can’t be better. I thanked her a lot for the experience. She might be struggling with her study in German, but she didn’t forget to show some friend to the entrance of food heaven. Tusen takk!

It was a lovely evening with Mina, but it wasn’t the end. I would meet another friend. Her name is Lilli. I worked with her until the previous year in Norway, so it had been more than a year since we met last time. She is now back in Germany, studying sound engineering at a film school in Potsdam. Sounds really cool. We had appointment to meet outside Geneisenaustrasse U-Bahn station, to later walk to Tibet Haus, my next adventure.

As you might have guessed, I might have been full with the food that I had eaten earlier. Remember pasta picante, two kinds of sushi makis, Kimchi burger, and ice cream? But I didn’t want to say no to try Momo, the Nepali dumplings. I had some momo restaurant on my list actually, not this one, but then this should be representing the Nepali food anyhow.

I ordered Momo mit Spinat und Käse gefüllt, which means Momo filled with spinach and cheese. It cost 5 Euro, but if you want them to be fried, it cost 1 Euro extra. For beverage I chose Mango juice. The restaurant was pretty tiny, the atmosphere was cosy actually. It feels so Nepali, I know I’ve never been to the country yet, but you could see from the things you could find there. It’s a pity that the restaurant didn’t give enough space for people to walk comfortably without feeling worried that you might bump somebody, or chairs, or probably the worst that you might drop something from the table. That wasn’t the most perfect place to work as a waiter, I would say. As you have to squeeze between tables, do your job and still have to smile. I guess the waiter did pretty good job. She smiled alot, which I really appreciated very much. And I had nice time with Lilli, being nostalgic and sharing some personal things, and who knows what future would bring us. Definitely hoping for many good things.

Hunger journey-Berlin-Tibethaus

Day 3 was over and I was looking forward to having the next days ahead, eating more and meeting more friends.


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