Hunger Journey – Berlin Day 3

The unwritten rule for this culinary tour was I’d take it easy – love my journey, love my body. So I thought I should somehow give my dear feet enough rest before embarking on a new journey on the new day. I got up after I thought I had enough sleep. Anora would go to work around 8 or 9 in the morning. She gave me another key so I could come to the flat and leave it anytime I wanted, which was terrific.

I didn’t think to skip breakfast in order to save money actually, I just don’t know why, but I was never craving for breakfast during this trip. I gave morning visit to the loo, which was a very good sign for me who was on culinary tour. You know, when you are on holidays, you are staying somewhere new, it might take time until you can manage to pay the loo a visit in the morning. The worst part is when you try hard to eat as much as you can manage, but still your stomach and the digestion organs don’t want to cooperate. You feel terrible, but life must go on. Okay, probably not everybody’s problem, but at least mine, sometimes.

Somehow I was still curious to try some restaurants on my list, so I was trying to find the next one. It was Korean restaurant on Seestrasse. Because I thought it shouldn’t be far from where I was staying, still in Wedding area. I came out of Seestrasse U-Bahn, and as usual, no clue which way to take, to the right, to the left, cross the road or not. I used my map on my phone but still no clue, since it didn’t say where certain number would be on which side. So I just walked along the Seestrasse and after around 15 minutes I thought, oh well, it should have been on the other way. So I failed.

Let’s make the story short, after I came from Turkish mosque somewhere in Columbiadamm, I realised I was hungry and should start looking for a place to have a nice lunch. Juggling between the sushi place with some crowd and some pizza place that was written baked in stone oven on the door near Boddinstrasse U-Bahn station, I chose the latter. The consideration was more that they looked tiny and quiet. Italian food was probably not on my list this time and yeah, people say something good about eating place which was crowded because it means they have good food.  Whatever they say, I came into the less crowded place and looked right away at the menu over the kitchen while the cook welcomed me with question: “Too expensive?” in German. Probably guessing from my surprised eyes focusing on the menu behind him. I answered: “No. I want something vegetarian.” Okay, my German was probably not that bad, it just took time to find the right words, put them into the right sentence, and then say it with right pronunciation. Hm it sounds not an easy job, eh? I could manage somehow to ask how big the pizza was. He showed me the plate and I considered that pretty big, so I moved my choice to pasta. Pasta picante, to be precise. With some tomatoes, chilli, and mozarella cheese. Probably more things, but I can’t remember. I wasn’t a good observer this time. It wasn’t the biggest portion of pasta I ever had, but it was okay. Because then I had the reason to go to the next eating place, heaven knows which one.

Hunger journey-Berlin-Rollberge

I couldn’t read properly the name of the restaurant in the beginning, I just could read Pizza aus dem Steinofen, which means Pizza from stone bake oven, but later found out it was called Rollberge, at Hermannstrasse 46. When I came it was 14.30 – that was really late lunch – there were only me and two gentlemen sitting in the restaurant, enjoying whatever we ordered. I finished my 4,3 Euro pasta picante and walking towards the cashier, standing behind those two gentlemen. The cook, who was server and cashier at the same time – there was a girl helping him, but it was just a tiny restaurant, it wasn’t that busy, so his multitasking ability was justified – chatted the two men. I wasn’t in a hurry so it was absolutely okay to wait for my turn. The two men left and I handed the cashier the money, and found out in fact I just had to pay for 4 Euro, because it was happy hours. Goodie. Then he started to chat with me, asking where I came from, where I lived, what I did, how much I spent for the flight ticket, with whom I was travelling, if I had siblings, basically it was a real conversation. And time to brush up a bit on my German. He also asked if I would go back later that day back to his restaurant, which I wasn’t really sure, since I had other appointments with some friends, somewhere else. Well, who knows in the future. Happy and half full, I was ready to go on the next train tour to Alexander Platz. 

After a bit walking around in Alexander Platz, I decided it was time to eat. I chose Suno sushi on Karl-Liebknecht Strasse, I know I saw several times nice sushi restaurants while I was searching for an eating place here in Berlin, but I always told myself, I actually could stuff myself with sushi when I get home to Indonesia. My thought this time was only that I could eat something simple, not too filling, while I was waiting for my appointment that evening. Then sushi would be a good choice.

I arrived at my table at 16.21, nearly 2 hours later after my arrival at the previous restaurant, sitting leaning on the wall looking at some part of Galeri Kaufhaus across the road, and the train station on the far right side. I ordered shitake mushroom and sesame maki and salmon avocados maki plus apple juice, summed 6,10 Euro. I should have ordered the shitake mushrom and sesame maki only, because they tasted better without the soya sauce, since I discovered that they soya sauce they used there contained alcohol.

Hunger journey-Berlin-Suno sushi

To be continued


2 thoughts on “Hunger Journey – Berlin Day 3

  1. I love Berlin. Have you tried Transit? Indonesian fusion restaurant? William Wongso ate there and he approved it. I find their sate and sayur asam really authentic.

    I love yamyam korean restaurant, Monsieur Vuong – Vietnamese, Kimchi princess (also korean) and the angry chicken booth next to it. Yummm…

    • I didn’t search for any Indonesian restaurants, since I thought I could wait a bit until I get home. 😉 But I’ll try more places next time, oh yeah, there will be next time! 🙂 Kimchi Princess was on my list, but I couldn’t make it to go there, it’s open in the evening, and I had my Kimchi somewhere else (the story in next post), but again, perhaps next time? 🙂

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