Hunger Journey – Berlin Day 2 Part 2

After my dinner at Good Friends, I was not only very full, but also super tired. My feet were super tired, they were killing me. However, I had to walk still. Thankfully I found S-Bahn Savigny Platz nearby and I thought I’d just sit on the train, so I chose Ring or Circle line. About half way on the Ring route, my friend Anora text me that she would like to meet for dinner. The idea to have dinner was not probably the most appealing to me at that time. But we did have appointment to meet for a concert afterwards. I got off the train and took the train way back, heading to our appointed station. There was a misunderstanding a bit whether I should get off at Schoeneberg or Bayerischer Platz. I got off at Schoeneberg, where Anora meant was actually Bayerischer Platz. So it took me probably 10-13 minutes to get to the meeting point. Anora came with her bike and we came out of the train station and walked a bit when we spotted Pho12 restaurant.

From the name you can guess it’s Vietnamese. I have to say I quite like this restaurant. Good light, not dim, nice green colour, nice and healthy food. I ordered vegetarian Pho (noodle Soup) called Pho Chay rau mit Gemuese (vegetables), 5,50 Euro. Anora ordered. something with rice. My Pho portion was surprisingly pretty big. I wasn’t that hungry, but it looked so delicious, I couldn’t resist the temptation, as well the aroma of coriander leaves. Yum. I thought I wouldn’t need a drink, not until I had a small bite of fresh chilli, it was so strong I had to stand up to order some drink as my face was probably burnt. 😀 As I had expected, I couldn’t finish the whole bowl, so Anora stepped in to help. 🙂

Hunger journey-Berlin-Pho12

It was nice and healthy food – at least what we ordered, big portion – very suitable if you are really hungry, good hospitality – not often you are served by two friendly German men, are you? The Vietnamese looking lady, can be a Thai too, did the cooking. Before we left, I gave a visit to toilet, which was located downstairs. It was clean. It was a happy visit to the loo then. 🙂 I spent 14,3 Euro and it was my treat, as Anora paid for my food the day earlier. I would really happily recommend this restaurant if you are around in this area – Pho12, Bayerischer Platz 12.

Our evening ended with some concerts at youth cultural centre Die Weisse Rose on Martin Luther Strasse. It was time for Kultur im Foyer program every Wednesdays, free entrance. That evening there were Herod Sons, Stereo Chemistry, and Annemarie from Melancholy Wonderland. All of them were good, but I liked best Annemarie from Melancholy Wonderland. Just coincidence that Anora know them. So I’m a happy friend. 🙂

Annemarie from melancholy wonderland

My feet were for sure not as happy as I was. They were shouting for some rest. So we went home.

What would I eat the next day? Wait for that. 🙂


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