Hunger Journey – Berlin Day 2

I started my second day pretty late. I realised I walked quite much in Oslo and Berlin the day before, so I started to feel a bit pain in my feet. Therefore I took it easy. After I managed to buy my Berlin Welcome Card for 5 days (it cost 31,50 Euro for zone AB), then paid a short visit to Tourist Info in Kudamm area, I walked my way to my first restaurant of the day, Salut Berlin. It’s in Augsburger Strasse 29. I read some good reviews about it and checked out the website, and felt excited about the pics of the food and the restaurant already. I’m not a biggest fan of Mediterranean food, to be honest. But somehow I felt that it would be worth it. I came around 1pm, and as I might have expected, since it was lunch time, there were many people there. As I read on the reviews that they speak good English there, so I just started saying: ‘My German is pretty bad’ – so I spoke English to the only man serving there, probably also the owner. It was indeed no problem. For the food you can choose either you want a big plate or a small one. I chose the small one. It cost me 4,50Euro.

Hunger journey-Berlin-Salut-1

So you can choose what kind of food you would like to have behind the display. There were some ladies who could serve you, and according to the man they could speak English too. I chose some couscous, potatoes and spinach, some meatballs (I asked if the meat was Halal, it was), some houmous and some olives.

Hunger journey-Berlin-Salut-2

I took the seat not far from the counter, it was such a friendly atmosphere. In short, nice place and nice food. I spent 6,50 Euro for food and my drink. If you are a vegetarian and/or into healthy food, this is the place to be. 🙂

A visit to Starbucks is for sure not part of my culinary tour. But it was worth it, I guess, to have a place where you can charge your phone and get wi-fi to check some emails. Someone asked me to buy some tumbler too. Don’t be surprised, this so far I remember was the second time I ever sat inside Starbucks hahaha…I’m not a Starbucks person, it’s that simple. 🙂

After about 1 hour (I know I got 2 hr free internet, which I could renew again, well anyway), I thought it was the time to go to the next restaurant. I wanted something that made my mouth water. So a visit to Chinese restaurant would do.

It’s Good Friends on Kantstrasse, at Savigny Platz. I wasn’t good friend enough with the train map. map or the like. So I walked and walked, trying to find my destination. I think I nearly spent like 1 hour walking from Kudamm area and while I was doing it I saw several nice restaurants already in Savigny Platz area. But I wanted to stick to my list. From the info that I got, it said that it was near Hotel-Pension at Savigny Platz. When I found the hotel, I thought the restaurant would be next to it or perhaps only a couple of buildings away. Not exactly. I walked a bit until I found it at the corner. It wasn’t easy to find the main door. I saw a door, but it was dark so I wasn’t sure. But I went there anyway, opened the door and saw the sign Eingang which means Entrance, after 2 doors, and then dark curtain. Behind the curtain I could see that I was on the right door. It was the restaurant!

I arrived there a bit before 5pm. It was pretty typical Chinese restaurant, but nothing fancy. I ordered fried rice with shrimps. It cost 10,80 Euro. Not the cheapest fried rice, I know. I needed some tasty food, so I didn’t really care about the price. But later when I thought about it more, then yeah, it was a rip-off.

Hunger journey-Berlin-Goodfriends-2

When I was nearly finished eating it, I started to be pretty full. But, lesson from my grandmother, also from my mom, we should never waste food. So I finished it well. 🙂

To be continued



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