Hunger Journey – Berlin Day 1

Having lived in Northern Norway for 4 months, I thought it would be appropriate time to have a bit culinary tour somewhere on this Christmas holiday. I like food, that’s for sure. I enjoy cooking, but I can’t say I’m really good at it yet. Perhaps it’s more that I’m lazy to try new things. 😛 So there’s always a reason to do some culinary tour. 😀

I was faced some choices. Either it was warmth and good food, or good food and friends. I chose the latter. So it was Berlin. I checked some restaurant reviews on Tripadvisor and found 13 that were soon on my list that I would like to pay a visit if I could manage.

I took Norwegian from Oslo, arrived at Schoenefeld airport in the evening, it’s in Berlin zone C. I stayed at my friend Anora’s flat in Wedding area.

It was after 9pm and I hadn’t had dinner yet, so I told Anora that I would like to eat. I didn’t use my restaurant list yet. I just followed Anora and we went to Baba Sultan in Luxemburger str – Leopoldplatz U-Bahn area. It was kebab restaurant. I wasn’t that hungry, so I chose something that was not really in big portion. I ordered Dana Bueftek brot – it was some bread, salad and beef. I guess it cost 4 Euro something, I wasn’t focused yet on my culinary journey. I was just so happy to meet Anora again, after so many years. We worked together for some months in UK in 2004 and that was the last time we met.

She would like me to try something. It was Ayran, a yoghurt drink – yoghurt, lemon, salt and water. It was salty.

Hunger journey-Berlin-babasultan

Unfortunately this isn’t my cup of tea. You can’t like everything, can you?

The portion of the bread was just fine. Unfortunately the sauce wasn’t much enough to my taste and the beef was pretty hard. Even Anora who is a vegetarian looked a bit terrified to see me trying to chew the beef hahaha… That doesn’t sound the most exciting culinary experience, eh? But I was certain I would have a good time in the next few days here! 🙂

The day 1 of culinary tour isn’t a whole day tour, I’m afraid. But more food stops coming your way soon. 😉


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