Language Oh Language

Have you heard about this 17-year-old boy who can speak many languages? I just watched it on youtube.

This inspired me somehow to think over what I have done with languages in my life. I have to say when I speak Indonesian, it’s full of slank and not standard. I sometimes find myself use some words that I don’t even know how to explain it with other words. 😛

My English is surviving. I chose to write this blog in English, because I was thinking that most of my Indonesian friends can understand English pretty well, while for others, yeah it’s a universal language these days, isn’t it? I wish I could speak British English, but despite my two-year-very-exciting-full-of-lessons-in-life stay in UK, I apparently didn’t really pick up the accent very well. Blame my growing up with Doraemon and American sitcoms?

I studied German at university back in Indonesia for 5 years but I am little confident to use it intensively. I meet Germans pretty often, not sure it’s a luck or a curse, but I often find out either they speak pretty well English or Norwegian, so why to use German? I know. Excuse.

And now I am studying at a university college in Norwegian. Heaven knows how I can be so confident like this. I am struggling, for the better.

I still remember one full sentence in Russian meaning ‘My Russian is still bad’, which is the wrong sentence to remember when you are willing to learn the language very well, I reckon.

When at university in Indonesia, I took Turkish for 2 semesters. It was interesting because it was given by native speakers and the possibility to get A mark very big. Which I did. Unfortunately nothing remains. What a shame. I know how to say thanks, though. And err…I still remember some swear words spoken by a Turkish speaking resident whom I looked after in London. Don’t you dare ask me the words. 😛

Despite my first 14-month-stay in Trondheim, the third biggest city in Norway, many years ago, I realised that I never knew swear words in Norwegian. Now this is my second back and third year in this winterland, and that I moved even further to the north, hearing swear words is not something rare anymore. No offense, that is the truth. Am I good at it yet? Haha don’t challenge me. 😛

Thanks for Jacksgap for the update today about that polyglot New Yorker, Tim Doner. Check out This 17 Year Old Boy Can Speak 20 Languages. You can subscribe to jacksgap site for more exciting updates! I am following them on twitter.


2 thoughts on “Language Oh Language

  1. You go girl! What you hv done has shown your passion in language(s). I try not to ‘give to much pressure’ to my little brain now. My norsk is ok as long as i speak with southern people, but not when i meet ‘western nordmann’. I hv no idea what they say. And that makes me speechless, because brain is busy figuring out. 😀 kebayang khan mbak, klo gw sekolah kyk lu trus ada guru yg dr barat. Pffffhhhhh

    • I used to be more passionate about languages when I was younger hehehe now I feel so old.
      Hahaha you will find out more that Norwegian language isn’t only BokmÃ¥l and the language the people in vestlandet use (nynorsk), but more varieties than that, so feeling confused is just normal hehehe…but just be ready! 😀

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