Exams Etc

Alrighty. I finally got my first exams this Monday. The moment of truth, that I had been waiting for since I moved here 3 months ago. Kidding. I was pretty overwhelmed with lots of subjects that I had to go through, to be honest, let alone everything was in Norwegian. I know somebody who takes the same major as I do in other school. His mom told me (oh yeah, I hang around with moms hahaha I worked with her before actually) that in first year I would probably just get to know the other students better. Err…I am not sure if I have got to know my classmates better by now. A bit perhaps. I guess it’s more that I started to realise that there are lots of things one can explore in sociology instead. Right.

It’s indeed different from one school to the others. Oh, why do I keep calling it school? Because it sounds really school in Norwegian, it’s in fact called university college, but anyway, I will just keep calling it school for now. πŸ™‚

When someone asked me what subject I would have for exams, I would answer: everything. When someone asked me how many subjects I had had so far, I had no idea, never really counted them. The thing is, the subjects that I got were actually related to each other. I just realised it only a while before exams. Oh well.

In the evening after exams I tried to take it easy. Unfortunately there was something wrong with my new laptop, when it was connected to internet it could only open twitter! Weird. My first laptop (which is a present from very good friends) couldn’t install programs so there were some sites that couldn’t be accessed with it. I really like its sturdy appearance, though. I wanted to watch something, so I borrowed my friend’s laptop.


I took this pic since I thought it was a bit weird to have two laptops on the same table, which were used by one person. One was connected to internet, one was only charging actually. Oh yeah, the books, you see? That’s already half pile, you know. The papers on the wall? Yeah, leftovers from the exam preparation. That will be useful for the next year’s exams, probably. I hope I could survive this semester for that. We’ll find out about it in a few weeks’ time.


6 thoughts on “Exams Etc

  1. I can imagine how hard must it be to study in Norwegian and I am pretty sure that the exam will be in Norwegian too. Double headache.

    Anyway Nel, I wish you best of luck for your exam.


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