Lights in Harstad

I was walking from school today, after some hours with lectures continued with some reading in reading room. Then I just took this pic. I don’t think I ever took a pic of the town from this side before. And it was pretty amazing.


This week I took a part in a seminar regarding networking, if I can put it into a simple term. The director of Destination Harstad came as well giving presentation about his work plans regarding tourism in this town. The nature is really amazing here. The landscape is breath-taking. But I told him that the town itself is unattractive. However, I believe Harstad and the surroundings have great potential.

I myself know still very little about the town and honestly I haven’t explored alot yet, as I feel that there are some obstacles – network, transport, to name a few. I feel often that I am stuck with the location where I live, it’s a great place, I love living on my own, but the last bus going just before 5pm. Ouch. That is always the complaint I could mention when my friends asked me how my life in the new town was.

Apart from that, I learnt more things at school, started to get to know even more people, and was surprised to find in my search term ‘living in Harstad’ end up in my blog. šŸ™‚ One more thing: Exams in less than two weeks. Auooo!!!


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