I Can Wait. I Should Wait.

A while ago I had itchy feet, I felt like going somewhere for a short getaway. I didn’t manage to do it. But looking back, I guess I have done quite some travel this year, actually, I just didn’t realise it. Now time for a bit of reflection to feel grateful whatsoever and be patient for embarking the next journey.

In the first month of the year, I started my little trip to the south, got cheap fare for bus, visited some friends in Grimstad area, resulting in the blogpost To The South We Go. From there I continued my trip to Oslo, where I went to see ‘Kardemomme By’ play at National Theater, read Missions in Oslo – Part 2.

In February I went to Oslo again for volunteering in a music festival called by:Larm. I got work in trash team or trash squad, where my task basically to ensure that the venues not full of rubbish. So I picked all the plastic beer glasses to be seen and other rubbish on the ground, on the tables, you name it, I picked them. 😛 Never thought that I would work from 9pm until 4am ever in my life, but I did. Read more in First Time by:Larm.


A bit of view of the snow-covered hill as the background in my room and my new screensaver, which I love! 🙂

In March, I went to see Kaizers Orchestra in Trondheim, which apparently and unfortunately their last concert I could see in their last year before they take a long who-knows-until-when break. As I wrote in my post Five Is Not Enough. This time the stress regarding school applications arrived, and to attend a concert of my my favourite band definitely helped! 🙂

April was exciting. First, I took IELTS test in Oslo (gosh, it was my third time visiting the capital for this year). Second, I used my time inbetween after test and before volunteering at film festival in Trondheim by going to Spain for the first time, yes, Alicante! Story and pictures in One Night In Alicante. To top the exciting story of the month, before it was over, I received a guest at my place, a Malaysian Nomad! –> When April Is Over.

May month was a proof of how stressful I could be due to the school applications. I rejected one school that gave me such a short time for deadline for some documents while other schools asked for more documents. And I had to prepare my relocation regarding work (temporary moving) at the same time my holidays to Indonesia. The end of the month I took First Time Qatar Airways.

I had a great time back home, had very nice time with my family, met some old and new friends. Blessed. I went to my high school asking for some documents. Until the last day I couldn’t manage to get it myself, it was 95% done, I would say (it was only the principal’s signature that was missing!), which means they would send it by post to my parents, and then my parents would send them to me in Norway. Another stress? I bet. However, I was looking forward to embarking my next volunteering moment in Bergenfest in Bergen, starting in On My Way To Bergenfest. It was memorable! As well in June I could visit Malaysia (not only the airport) for the first time, resulting in blogpost One Night In Malaysia.

July, when I got the announcement of which school accepted me, left me busy with moving business. Not my favourite thing to do, to be honest, now I say it, since I packed several times already this year. 😦 However, I was really thankful to the people in my working place, for their support! Can’t thank you enough!

August was the month when I moved to new place, Harstad that is! A small town in the North Norway, where amazing landscape waiting for me to enjoy. I have to say I’m not an outdoor person, but enjoying such dramatic landscape surely takes my breath away, as well watching some skiing and snowboarding films.

Yup, since August I have always been just around here. After some reflection I just made, however, I have to feel blessed. There are some time you always go around, and there are some time you always stay in one place. It’s your choice. I decided to study, so the consequence is I have to focus. For other things, I can wait. I should wait.


Look at my books cluttering on my table, I guess I’m not the tidiest man on earth. Okay, after this I promise to tidy them up and start reading some. 😉 And also eat some biscuits! 😀


5 thoughts on “I Can Wait. I Should Wait.

  1. Hai Mbak Nelda, masih inget aku gak? Aku baru akhir-akhir ini balik lagi nge-blog setelah komen mbak maret lalu, aku masih berusaha mengumpulkan semangat nge-blog lagi. Hehehe
    Barusan aku habis baca-baca blog Mbak Trinity, eh ketemu tulisan mbak di sana dan ada beberapa orang yang tulisannya bertengger di sana. Heheheh saya baru tahu karena selama ini saya hanya baca bukunya dan sesekali lihat blognya.
    Kok bisa yah mbak kaya gitu?
    Pas aku baca postinganya punya Mbak kok gak asing sama alamat blog-nya. eh ternyata Mbak pernah komen di blog aku. Hehehehe
    Pas buka blognya mbak, jeng jeng inggris semua postingannya. hahahhaha maklum inggris saya kurang banget, langsung melipir deh. Hehehehe
    Salam kenal yah Mbak (Aku udah bales di komen yang dulu sih. hehehehe )

  2. Halo halo, masih, masih inget, tadi barusan gue mengunjungi blogmu, dan gue baca beberapa postinganmu. Menarik!
    Makasih ya berkunjung kemari. Pakai bahasa Inggris kok jiper? hehehe bahasa gue biasa aja kok, mestinya mudah dimengerti. 🙂

  3. Makasih : D tapi masih kalah keren sama blog-nya Mbak Nelda. Hahahhaha habisnya kalo udah baca blog yang inggris gitu pasti udah melipir dluan. Hehehehe iyah sih bahasanya kan bukan bahasa koran juga yah

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