Have Some Expectations!

It was a very relaxing day today. I woke up around 8 in the morning and while still in my sofabed, I turned on my computer and started to watch some local tv program on youtube, and knitting. Not that I am good at knitting, I just find it so peaceful to do that. Therapeutic as well. And I set my own target. Later I ironed some clothes. Yes, I am used to ironing and it might be lots of things. Once my coworker was surprised that I ironed bedsheet too. I just thought it would be nice to have unwrinkled bedsheet, wouldn’t it? I don’t think it’s a disorder. 😛 And while I was ironing, I let the computer on to show the debate program on national tv channel, among the party leaders here. I just thought it would be a nice combination. Not that I understood the whole lot what they talked about. 😛

In the afternoon a neighbour asked me if I would come over for dinner. Sure thing! The weather was pretty melancholic today, so that would be nice to go out a bit, even though it didn’t involve more than 20 meter-walk. 😛

She is originally from the capital and likes travelling. She has even been to my home country, to a place that I haven’t even been (blame on my lack of travelling in my own country). The funny thing is when I started to say that how much I felt like going somewhere for a getaway, because it felt ages since I was somewhere else last time. And she felt the same way. But we’ve been here actually only 2 months! Why did it feel ages? Hmmm…

Probably blame the daily life that doesn’t involve so much travelling. It takes only 10 minutes by bus to town centre, and around 40 minutes on foot. In the place I lived before, I could take a trip a few times in a week, a short one which was probably 20 minutes, or longer one about an hour or so, each way.

Hope it doesn’t sound like a complaint. I love my current living, that I live on my own and I can do what I want. Including to cook my fruit and oat muesli and took a picture of the table when we had a group work at school. :))

group table

I started to check the possible trip in the near future. So, await some post related to it then. Not sure yet when. Fingers crossed! As a friend told me this evening: You will not know what life would bring to you, so have some expectations! 🙂


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