Seven Is The Number

It’s been 7 weeks since I came here the first time and I realised that my trousers are getting abit tight. Too much rice? That is the risk when I live on my own, I guess. So this week I bought some tortilla wrap and more veggies, cheese and mushroom. Taco, you say? Yeah, kind of. No meat involved, though.

Well, my trousers are just fine, they still fit on me, however they might find a new place, once I find some other comfortable ones. I am trying not to pile up things in my cupboard, or wherever in my place. The principle of getting rid of stuff you don’t use has attracted me. It occured this summer when I had to pack my stuff a few times. First when I went home to Indonesia for holidays, then when relocated to new place for 2 months, then went back before I packed all my stuff to Harstad. I realised it’s always hard work with moving. Exciting but also exhausting.

Anyway, remember my previous post about my visit to H&M shop? I forgot to tell you that actually the lady at cashier, who I said lacked of big smile, actually gave me 2 giftcards, each 50NOK. I have no idea why. However I felt the urge to make use of them. 😛 So, I got underwear and 1 black tunic, each for half price. Nice!

Related to the priciple of getting rid of stuff you don’t use, I guess it somehow benefits my free time activity: shopping. Hehe. Time to shop? Get rid of stuff you don’t use first, so you have more space for new things. Sounds good, eh? :)Err, but I mean with getting rid of stuff, it’s not just throwing them into the bin. If they are still wearable, go to you local charity shop. Or give them away to someone who might need them. Try your friends or neighbours first. 😉

fridgeSimsalabim! The content of my fridge might not impress you at all, but this is the first time my fridge has loaded more things than before. 🙂

Surprisingly, I found My Cooking Diary today, go check it out, the pics of the food are so tempting you feel like trying them at once! Now I feel that I should fill up more greeny things in my fridge. Well, it’s over budget already for this week, I guess, I need to wait until next week? Forgiven? 😉


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