What A Girl Wants…

I guess I got moody n lazy syndromes today. I started with the appointment with Int’l students union. Unfortunately the bus from my place went either too early or too late. I didn’t bother the early bus, since I thought I could do more things at home before I left. That meant I had to walk down a bit (less than 20mins) later to get the other bus. It was a bright day, just a bit colder. So nice with some walk, I thought.

I went to the meeting room and everybody was there. At first I just wanted to join the organisation as a member, but I was asked if I would like to volunteer to be board member. The only thing that I was interested to be was organising officer. It turned out there were several people who wished the same thing. So it was four of us, but after I came I only heard the other two’s speeches, after me, but the board voted four of us anyway. I noticed, most of the board members were from the same major, not to forget to mention from the same part of the world. Someone from the student welfare organisation said in the beginning, it would be better if the board members were from different majors and nationalities. Well, I guess nobody took notice. As you might have expected, I wasn’t chosen, so I left.

Library was my next destination. After writing down several things on my notebook from the book I had to return, I went to get another book to borrow. Apparently the librarian wasn’t in her place. And I had not the whole time in this world, thought I could come back the next day.

I was dependent on only one bus that could bring me up to where I lived. Which unfortunately didn’t go as frequently as I wished. I noticed I still had some minutes, so I went to H&M to look for some gloves. Yes, it started to be colder here. And I guess it takes time until I get all my packages from my old place. So I grabbed two pairs of gloves and discounted long red woolen scarf. And got two giftcards, which are valid til the next Monday, not bad. Hm, but I guess minus big smile from the lady who served me. Blame the cold?

It wasn’t a disaster or something what I experienced. But when I got home I just lost my willingness to catch up with some things related to my study. So I sat in front of my computer and to talk to some good friends. That was nice.

And in the evening I started to watch old episodes of I Kveld Med Ylvis again on youtube.


Let all those books wait for a while. By the way, I don’t think I ever borrowed 15 books in the same period. Well, welcome to the study time! Let me take a rest now and enjoy my girly syndrome. 🙂

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