Welcome To Harstad – A Prologue

This is not the first time I moved to a completely new place. But still the mixture of feelings I got before it happened – excited, worried, confused – made me somehow a bit stressed, I have to admit. The sign, you ask? Hm, the pimples on my forehead. Unfortunately no picture. 😛 I never had so many pimples since my teenage years. I didn’t have any pimples during those years, in fact. Err, shall we talk about my new place instead of my pimples? 😛

Yes, it’s Harstad. A town located in North Norway. How could I end up here? Here the story goes:

I made up my mind to study here in Norway. Somewhere. I would be very happy if I could get study place in Trondheim. But I didn’t really mind getting to other place. I guess it took me one whole week in February to finish all the applications.Papers When it came the time to send the last papers to the post office, pfui…there was the joy feeling I couldn’t hide. But I knew, it wasn’t the end…

About 2 months later I started to get email from one of the schools I applied, asking for some documents that were lacking. Stress came again. I knew that there would be more schools asking pretty much the same thing. And the documents I needed I could get in my home country. Which wasn’t impossible actually, it would just take time. So, I flew all the way to Indonesia, as part of my summer holidays as well, to get things done, and back, not with the documents. They would be sent via post. Another stress of waiting? I bet, you’re right!

In fact, it was not all the schools asking me to deliver the lacking documents. Which brought some rejection. Well, I just thought, they didn’t ask. One before the announcement date, and one I found out on the D-date.

At first I put Harstad at the bottom, to be honest. I just tried to do what I used to do when I first applied for study after high school, gee, many many years ago. That is, I had to put the most difficult choice as priority, then came the easier ones. But later, I asked around about the choices. I got some input. I heard more things about Harstad. A friend told me, eventhough it’s a small town, you can find all the necessary things there. A co-worker told me, that’s a beautiful place, and he might pay me a visit, if I lived there. Which I took as a good hint. I knew it is located pretty much north. And before this, I had only been once to the north, that is to Tromsø last year, to visit the film festival there.

So, I moved Harstad to upper position, not the top, but the chance to get it bigger. I might want Trondheim more, but I felt that I shouldn’t miss Harstad either. 🙂

Long story short. One morning in July, I was awaken by the message on my phone, it was from the central school admission, telling me to check out the announcement on the internet. I checked it right away. Harstad, it was. I smiled. But wasn’t really sure what to do first. So, up I went to the upper landing to tell my co-worker.

A few days later a welcome letter and some information about the school and the first days came. Welcome! 🙂

To be continued…Harstad-Kjaerestudent


6 thoughts on “Welcome To Harstad – A Prologue

    • Semangat sih ada, Nel. Cuma kalo di kelas masih belum 100% connect iki, muka gue kayaknya kocak abis kali ya kalo lagi gak ngerti dan disorot, udah ada yg bilang kok, muka gue terpana gitu hahaha… Kenapa butuh 3 tahun???

  1. Congrats! What a stressful time. I still get pimples when I’m stressed. And like you, I never had them in high school. I don’t get it. Enjoy the new place and school!

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