It’s 35, Folks!

Yup. Two weeks ago I became officially 35, errr, yes, I am talking about age here. 😛

It felt good, I have to say. No need to hide my age. Even though I am pretty open about how old I am, still people don’t believe me. 🙂 Oh, well…

It wasn’t a big celebration, I just made some brownies to share with a few people I worked with. I got special birthday present already about 2 weeks earlier, that is a study place in North Norway. Yes, I become a student again. Story about that coming later. I also got Ikea gift card from my working place, which was great, because I could buy some stuff I needed for my new flat.

Another surprise, I got birthday greeting from Nana, a girl that I got to know via twitter and met last June. We took part in a flash fiction competition announced on twitter. She was top 10. And me? A lot to learn still lol…

Ultah-dari Nana

She sent me that pic. I thought it was absolutely kind of her. She must have put a little extra effort to find out about how to congratulate me in Norwegian. Well done, Nana! Thanks a lot!

And I thought this moment was great for making my other dream come true. I started to work on my book, yes, book! I thought of self-publishing my first book, and I found somebody who was willing to help me edit it, again, on twitter. It’s in progress. Fingers crossed! 🙂

And again, about the age. Just this week, when I started to get to know some of my fellow students, when it came to ask about everybody’s age, as usual, nobody believed that I was THAT old. “Oh, I would never guess you are in that age”. Or “Oh, you look much younger”. I often don’t know how to react properly to those statements. I just tried to play it cool: “Hm, let’s repeat the question, and I will just answer that I am 21, shall we?” 😛


12 thoughts on “It’s 35, Folks!

  1. Happy birthday, Nelda. Age is not merely about number right? The question is whether we grow older and becomes more mature? And I am sure, a person like you has that maturity despite you look physically younger.

  2. Telat banget ya aku ngucapinnya but late still better than nothing kan Mbak? *ngeles*
    Selamat ulang tahun Mbak Nelda…sehat terus untuk menjalani hidup yaaaa *peyuk*

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