One Night In Malaysia

Yes! Finally I visited other Asian country, not only transit at the airport. πŸ™‚ Having been to some European countries and now live in one of them, I felt a bit ashamed having never been to any other Asian country, even that I am from Asia myself.

I’ve been to airport in Singapore several times and Bangkok, Thailand a couple of times, and once Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But that doesn’t count, does it?

A few months ago I received a special guest from Malaysia at my place, who is well known as Malaysian nomad, who travelled in Sweden and Norway with his bike in winter. He made a blog for his journey, go visit it, although the journey has come to an end. Hariz, his nickname, introduced me to Kay, another Malaysian, who happened to be in Norway for a visit. Long story short, we met, had a nice time at a cafe, and somehow I was intrigued to meet them in their country.

Which finally happened 2 months ago. In the beginning it crossed my mind to pay Malaysia a visit on my way to Indonesia for holidays. But then I found a flight with good connection and reasonable price to Jakarta and took it. And when I got to Indonesia, I started to be occupied with my stuff and wasn’t sure I had enough time to visit Malaysia. I kept searching for the possibility of ticket with reasonable price, though. And I found it and the same time thought of asking my older sister, the only one in family who had never been abroad, to come with me. She said yes.

Then off we flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We paid only about 2millions Rupiah for the tickets for both of us. It was really a bargain.

Kay lives in Bandar Puchong Jaya, which is pretty far from the city centre, but we managed to city centre somehow. She drove us somewhere to one point from which we could take the train. We visited central market, Chinatown and shopping centre at the bottom of the well known Petronas tower.

I know Malaysia is really close to Indonesia, my country. And we do speak similar language, the same root. However, I felt I didn’t know much about the country and never really bothered to put it my priority list of country to visit. I was pretty surprised to see it myself that many places were pretty clean and tidy. Not that I expected it would be very messy. To be honest, I got no expectation. I just wanted to meet my friends. πŸ™‚

After city trip, we went back to Kay’s flat and waited for Hariz to come, and then went out for dinner at an eating place nearby.

I had a great time. That is what matters. Perhaps I should do more of this serie of ‘One Night in…’. What do you think?


Having a drink called Air Mata Kucing or ‘Cat’s tears’, but I’m sure it doesn’t involve any cats being sad and suffered.


One corner at Chinatown


Central market, where you can buy nice souvenirs. Tidy shops, many good choices.


Malaysian money


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