Last Bits of My Bergenfest Experience

Yes, this will be the last part of my Bergenfest experience. Hope you enjoy it so far, and till the end. πŸ˜‰

In the beginning I got the shift from Friday to Sunday. But then a fellow volunteer, whom I never met, since we got different shift, asked me to swap one shift with her, and I said yes, so I got to work from Thursday to Saturday. No problemo.

The last day was the highlight, I would say. I worked the first shift with 3 girls, Charlotte, a Norwegian, Kathie, a German, and Elvira, a Spaniard. All of them were much younger than me. Oh, well, I am not that old, am I? πŸ˜› Those non-Norwegian ones were exchange students. Kathie was studying something Scandinavian, so she spoke Norwegian. Anywho, since Elvira didn’t speak Norwegian, we switched the language to English everytime she was around. The funny thing was we often switched the language in the middle of our sentences, just like that. And left Elvira blank for a while trying to get what we were actually talking about. Sorry about that. We just couldn’t help it sometimes. We should try to put more control on our switch next time. πŸ˜‰

I liked this gang. We might have competed in talking, but that was good, eh? It means we didn’t leave the spare time to be wasted by staying mute haha…

And of course our catering leader, Rani, who stayed cool at all times. Glad to meet and work with him!

After 4 concerts the previous evening, I still had wish to see other concerts. The Norwegian band CC Cowboys was one of them. I knew only a couple of songs from them, and liked them, but had no idea how the personnels looked. Surprisingly, they came into our dining hall. Charlotte, whose father was a fan, didn’t dare even greet them. So I thought, why not me, that would be cool. No burden. But surely I asked her first which one the vocalist. I walked to him and talked a bit. I found my pick-up line, so it went fine. I did like a song from them, and after the concert, I started to like some other songs. Not bad, eh? πŸ™‚








Nelda and Magnus GrΓΈnneberg, the vocalist

cc concert














My view on Cc Cowboys’ concert. A big man in the middle, brunnette on the right, blondie on the left. Right.

In the evening I went to hostel and thought to rest for while before going to see Mew later. Hopelessly I woke up around 11 when Mew should have started their gig. Since I was very tired, I didn’t feel like moving my body and hurrying to the concert arena. I went to sleep again instead. That was the second time I missed Mew concert. The first time when I was working at Pstereo the year before.

The day after, my last day in Bergen, was a beautiful Sunday. The sun was shining the whole day. I spent my morning sitting by the pier for 3 hours, enjoying the view, the warmth. I was really in the blissful mood. That was not something you might expect from Bergen. Well, I did experience the wet weather and rain the whole day, so it was fair. πŸ˜‰ I was so glad that a fellow volunteer swapped her shift with me.

bergen sommer














My future boat πŸ™‚

However, I can’t remember what I was thinking, but I booked my hostel only until Saturday. And I bought my flight ticket back home on Monday early morning. Which means, I had no place to stay on Sunday night. What to do? Following a suggestion from a friend, I stayed overnight at the airport. Oh well, that was not the first time I did it, but to be honest not something I was really willling to do, especially when I travelled on my own. After having checked the possibility to do that from the internet, I went to the aiport before 9 and found me a seat.

bergen airport











Yeah, seated next to my future car

Did I sleep well? Nooo… and the next day I was planning to go to work right away after I got back from the airport, which didn’t happen. I was too tired even to think about work.

Anyway, apart from the tiredness, I did enjoy my time at Bergenfest! And two of my fellow volunteers came to visit me about a week later, which was nice.


4 thoughts on “Last Bits of My Bergenfest Experience

  1. Reading every bit of your experiences there really makes me think that you make the best of your time there in Norway. If I have a chance to visit Norway, will you kindly be my free guide? LOL #ngarep

  2. Waaahh keren sempet ngerasain jadi volunteer di Bergenfest. Kebetulan banget aku juga baru update blog yang berhubungan sama Bergen. Jadi kangen sama kota kecil yang cantik itu πŸ™‚

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