How I Spent My Time At Bergenfest 2013 (Part 2)

Day 2 at Bergenfest for me, I started work at 8 in the morning. Of course I was super tired, but at the same time excited. Because it means that I’d be finished at 16 and got the chance to see all the artists/bands I’d like to see. Who are they?

1. Amy MacDonald
After Travis last year, this year I got the chance to see live another Glaswegian singing here in Norway.


I wasn’t fast, unfortunately, so the pic shows Amy from quite great distance. Oh, well.

2. Jamie Cullum
He is pretty famous in Indonesia actually. He made a concert once in Jakarta. I was familiar with a few songs of him. But don’t ask me the titles, let alone anything about him. Therefore when I saw him coming into dining hall and having dinner with his crew, I couldn’t find any pickup-lines and just thought, oh well, I would just see his concert and have fun. Which I did.


And it was a-ma-zing! He was really a good performer, entertainer, and of course, musician. I was completely impressed. I was really
glad that I saw the concert. Now I listen more songs of him on spotify.

3. Imagine Dragons
This was the highlight of the day. The main reason why I came to Bergenfest. Glad to make it!


Despite the soundsystem which wasn’t great in the beginning, still we were so entertained by all the songs they played. When they were still a small band, Bergenfest had seen their potential and dared invite them to come in 2011. And now they were back as a much bigger band, and Imagine Dragons always remembered Bergen.

4. Noah and The Whale
English band from London. I got the chance to listen some of their songs prior to festival and decided to see them. And something I didn’t regret.


Eight hour work and four concerts. Enough to get me knackered again. When I got back to hostel, I sat on the floor while getting some stuff from my luggage. Super exhausted. But man, it was a good day with good music.


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