How I Spent My Time At Bergenfest 2013

So, have you read the previous post? You’d better have. Because this is the second part.

I arrived in Bergen, the second largest city in Norway, around 7 in the morning. I have to say this city is beautiful! Many people share the same opinion. And like the others know as well, the rainfall is pretty high here. I was welcomed by the rain on the very first moment I stepped my feet on Bergen ground. I was ready with my rubber boots which I bought back home in Jakarta. Why? I completely forgot that Bergen would be so wet, so I just took my summer shoes only with me.


My workmates busy observing the lobsters and other sea creatures at Bergen fishmarket.

Due to the wet weather, my lovely workmates decided to take the earlier train than planned. I thought I could sleep at hostel until before I had to start working at 4pm. I went to hotel just to find out the check-in time at 3pm. Ouch.

I was tired, it was raining outside, I didn’t feel like doing sightseeing, and I had some hours to kill. I came to the hostel living room, and believe it or not, I fell asleep there. Amazing. Sleeping in front of people you hardly knew! I managed to sleep one hour straight first, woke up, and another one.

Around 2pm I went to the festival area to pickup my ID and a bag contain a volunteer tshirt, jacket and some coupon for food. No, it wasn’t my working time yet, so I got to go back to hostel. The festival was located in Bergenshus Festning, so I had to pass Bryggen.


I had abit difficulty to find out where I would work. I called my team leader, Rani, who was a local, and of course spoke with Bergen dialect. What I could understand was that I had to go out of the stage area and go to the other side of the Festning. It was in fact located in a building at the back. It was a sports hall and they turned it into dining hall and kitchen for the crew and artists. It wasn’t fancy venue, but hey, that was where you could fill your stomach and be happy about it. 🙂


A glimpse of the sports hall turned into dining hall.

There was a professional chef who was in charge of the kitchen. Who also told you off if you walked on the wrong side of the kitchen or if you walked too slowly. Yeah, that was some mistakes that I did. 😛 However, that New Zealander was a great chef. The food was delicious and he remember names! And that he admitted that Indonesian food was very good. Did he say the best? If not, then I did. 😛

My first shift ended at midnight. Holy moly, I was so knackered.


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