On My Way To Bergenfest 2013

Time is flying. I can’t believe it’s the last day of June. So, before entering July, I feel slightly obliged to post my experience at Bergenfest 2013. Anyway, it’s Sunday, just relax, and write! πŸ™‚

When I decided to volunteer at the festival, there were several things as my consideration: the location – I would like to visit new place; the artists – I would like to see as many artists that I liked as possible. Bergenfest filled all my wishes. I had never been to Bergen, although I knew everybody says it’s a beautiful city. What a shame, eh? And Imagine Dragons, I got their songs on my spotify and loved them!

However, the journey prior to Bergenfest was neither the easiest, nor the shortest, I have to say. Upon arrival at Gardermoen after the long flight from holidays at home in Indonesia, I had to wait several hours at the airport. I got a nice seat, where I could just stretch my legs. Those seats you can find on the left side when you come out of the arrival hall, walk a bit more, near the left luggage counter.

I probably sat there for about 3 hours. I spotted Richard, Keane drummer, passing me by, it was pretty quick, I couldn’t recognize if there were Tom and Tim among them. It was nice. I knew they were going to play at Norwegian Wood, the music festival in Oslo. Why did I miss that? I know, I know! Not often they came to Norway to perform, eh? When the chance came, I just blew it away??? Well, I learnt the art of chosing. The good, the bad, and the possibility. Perhaps I just have to fly to UK to see Keane live. Yeah, shall I? πŸ™‚

Norway doesn’t feel so big when I spotted 2 of my coworkers pushing trolley and were about to pass by me. Right. Home isn’t that far away, eh? Of course I greeted them cheerfully. Unbelievable!

Feeling like changing of the view from my seat, I changed the location completely. I took all my luggage and moved to Oslo central station. I knew it was still some hours to go prior to my train departure to Bergen, that would go at around 11pm. And it wasn’t even 7pm when I arrived at the station. My life has been full of waiting for this and that. Although I’m quite experienced, doesn’t mean it’s always enjoyable. To be honest. My good friend, Anne, paid me a visit at the station. It was very kind of her. It was nice to have somebody to talk with. Especially when you started to get bored, sleepy, yawn alot. However, I knew I couldn’t keep her to company me until my train came. It would be too much to ask. It was late and she had to work the next day.

Not long after that, out of my surprise, I saw another coworker from my work, so I waved at her automatically. She saw me and turned towards me. I asked if she was on holiday. She was in fact going to a seminar somewhere in west coast, with 3 others. Then I remembered. It meant we took the same train to Bergen. Nice!

It was about 9 hours of waiting for the train to Bergen, then nearly 7 hours on the way. I hadn’t been back to work, but already met 6 of my coworkers on the way. Tiring but lovely experience, I must say.


Bergen train station. Wet on the very first day. Welcome to Bergen! When it never stops raining on you. Time to take out the welly boots and put them on! πŸ™‚

More Bergenfest stories coming soon. Let my fingers rest a bit, won’t you? πŸ˜‰


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