First Time Qatar Airways

When I decided to take early summer holidays this year, I had in mind that I’d like to try Qatar Airways. The reasons? I would like to fly from Oslo, since I had to pick up my passport at the embassy beforehand. Emirates didn’t fill the requirement, since the starting point was Copenhagen. Second, I would like to find some reasonable prices on flight tickets, as always. :)) Turkish Airlines that I took last year, despite the good service and interesting experience at Istanbul airport, didn’t give me reasonable price on the chosen dates. And I have to say the airmiles program wasn’t the most exciting one, to be honest.

I nearly took SAS to Bangkok, Thailand and continued until the arrival at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and visited some friends there before heading to Jakarta. But the thought of the luggage hassle because of taking low cost airlines from KL to Jakarta, made me go back check Qatar Airways again and again. The fact that often you don’t get the same length of transit both ways left me abit uneasy. Three hours would be fine, but longer than 8 hours at Doha airport? After having checked on internet that the airport wasn’t so big and exciting, and I didn’t feel like letting myself be bored to death, so praying to God was the only and best choice.

And like a miracle, after checking more or less the same dates over and over again, I found Qatar Airways tickets both ways with transit at Doha in 3 hours and less. Yippi! And the price was lower than my earlier checks, or than the plan to KL with SAS connected with low cost airlines.

Without hesitation, I bought the tickets. That brought me to Qatar, only to airport though, for the first time. That brought me to meet some Indonesian female workers there, sat with them and heard their stories. That brought me to help one of them, who lost the boarding pass, get the new one. But later we found out, that the name on the pass wasn’t hers, uff, I didn’t check it earlier, my bad.

Having been there and observing what was going on, her flight ticket was actually on standby status, no idea why. So, when the flight she was intended to go to (which was also my flight) was full, she couldn’t come in and had to wait, hopefully only for the next flight. She was so tiny and her worrying look on her face made me have to comfort her that she would for sure get flight home and more Indonesians would fill the airport again later (so she could have somebody to ask for help).

The gate crew asked for my boarding pass and it was alright. And time for me to go. I realised that I couldn’t do everything.

What do I think about the Qatar Airways service? No complaint. Started to like my privilege club that let me go other way without queuing at Oslo airport, yiihaa! I find the Doha airport staff pretty helpful. That is important. However, I think it would be very helpful if they provide more Indonesian-speaking cabin crew, especially for the Doha-Jakarta route. Since there were many Indonesian workers, who took the carrier, often only spoke Indonesian.

One more thing, superb for providing one album of One Direction on their artist list and I put them on the jukebox, sure thing, hehehe…

Thank you! 🙂


The only picture I took during my Doha transit.


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