When April Is Over

I have to say my April this year was exciting. Pretty full of things. I took my IELTS test on the second week. But before that surely I tried to prepare for it, I searched some test material on the internet, did some of them, but I guess mostly I was learning from chatrooms πŸ˜€ Chatting to people was good lessons, agree? πŸ™‚

Not only occupied with work and test preparation, I started to get some email from schools (Oh yes, I have applied for some schools here, now you know ;)) that asked me things I didn’t expect before. And yes, I started to get a bit stressed 😦

My short getaway to Alicante helped pretty much. Cooling down before I started volunteering for the film festival in Trondheim. Most of the people I worked with I knew already from last year, so it was good. Festival people and the public were generally nice. I got dayoff the first day which meant I could avoid the possibility to experience error on the computer system on day 1, which happened last year hehe… it wasn’t that bad actually, just left me clueless what to do. And I felt that my language got better this time, but still left me stunned to hear one of the crews who spoke pretty fast and in local dialect. Help me! I told her I had no idea what she was talking about, oh well, she wasn’t only talking to me, so I wasn’t that rude, I suppose πŸ˜‰

I succesfully made my way to see 15 films this year, one less film than last year. I saw one of films twice, yeah, it was Trattoria! Easy, simple and it’s about food, man! So I was happy.

And this year I also managed to come to the volunteer party, but couldn’t stay that long. The last bus to my place was unfortunately only some minutes after 11pm, when the festival programme director started to give away his hug, well not everybody in fact got it, so I didn’t seem like somebody who tried to run away from it, did I? πŸ˜›

One week after the festival was over, I got my IELTS result and I have to say I was pretty satisfied with it. Well, the hassle to send it to the schools I applied would come, for sure. But it will be alright! As the people here always say: det ordner seg! Det skal gΓ₯ fint, det. Love it! πŸ™‚

And the same day when the test result arrived, I was expecting this Malaysian man with the bike coming to my place. Have you read his blog? It was just in the previous morning I got a Malaysian friend, whom I actually met once in Jakarta when he was on his visit there, then friends on facebook, telling me about this man travelling with his bike. He was wondering if I could help him in some way. So I visited the blog and read some posts and found it really exciting what he was doing. And I sent him an email without actually thinking or planning about anything. He replied immediately and then the invitation sent and decision made. He was coming to my place with his bike the next day. I thought it wouldn’t be a hassle for me to invite him, since he was just making his way himself, without expecting me to pick him up somewhere, which was difficult for me.

It was wonderful to hear his stories travelling around with his bike. I wouldn’t do the same kind of things though, but still, it was very exciting! As an Indonesian who lives in the middle of nowhere in Norway, unfortunately I couldn’t provide him some food he might have expected (well, blame my Indonesian cooking skill, will you? oh well…), even the chilli I still had was a laugh, since it was nearly empty hahaha…sorry for that, bro! I felt a bit guilty, but life goes on! hehehe…

There he is!

Well, nearly all the bags were already in the room now, left only several things

It was just amazing how easily you could get connected to somebody. It’s just the way you make it. If you want to be friends with someone, you can do it. If you want to close yourself from the others, you can do it too. I got to know more people from the festival, for example. A girl waving at me at the party, first I had no idea that she meant was me, then she came to me and poked me. Ah, it was me! Just because I talked to her earlier in the afternoon. Nice, isn’t it? And there was another girl I talked to because I found out she didn’t speak any Norwegian, and after the festival we made appointment, and joined me with my new Malaysian friends.

And how some conversations I made in chatting rooms inspired me to write some short story. Well, it was hard in the beginnning, my words didn’t come smoothly, and it seemed that I tried to squeeze all the information I got, but it doesn’t work like that, Nelda! I know. I have to practise a lot at this. But it was sent and I was glad. Another writing competition in which I took part. Ah, it was beginning of May. So, I suppose it will be exciting as well this month!


I’m looking forward to the sunshine and the warmth already! :B


6 thoughts on “When April Is Over

  1. haha its okay Nelda regarding the Indo food. U were so nice to let me stay in your place for a while. It was good to know you, really happy to meet my Indonesian sister somewhere in Norway! Thank you for taking care of your Malay brother. Hope to meet u again one day, either in Indonesia or Malaysia, or anywhere in the world. Salam…

    • It was my pleasure to have you here. Thanks for sharing your stories and experiences with us! Yes, see you when I see you somewhere! Next time more sambal laa… πŸ™‚

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