One Night In Alicante

Disclaimer: This is not a film title 😛

Preparing for a test can be a hassle. At least that’s how I feel. After Norwegian test last year, I had to take English test this year. For that I had to go down to Oslo. The best choice was to take the night train, so I would arrive around 7 in the morning, have breakfast and go to the test venue around 8. The test itself started at 9, oh well, due to some technical problem, it started eventually half hour later. Several reasons why I chose IELTS test – it’s British, it lasts shorter than TOEFL, one-on-one speaking test, and perfect location (in Oslo and just walking distance from the train station).

For that hassle, I thought of rewarding myself something for having gone through it, didn’t matter what the result would be 😛 Since the test location in Oslo, I thought of flying myself to any interesting destination Ryanair could offer (I know it’s not the best airlines, but I am talking about a very short getaway here. 🙂 Well, I didn’t reach my target of 14 hour-test preparation, but I did manage to find an interesting destination: Alicante. 🙂

After test and lunch with Kebab, off I went to Torp airport in Sandefjord, which can be reached by bus from Oslo in nearly 2 hours. And another 2 hour-waiting at the airport. Then the 3,5 hour-flight. My life is always about getting to destination, eh? 😛 Oh well, another new year resolution accomplished. One new country: Spain. Check!


The harbour

The city is very compact. I arrived around 11 at night. I missed the last bus, so I had to take taxi. Around 23 euro. Since I didn’t speak Spanish, I just showed the address to the taxi driver and about 10 minutes later I arrived at my destination. I used Airbnb to find a place to stay and ended up on my second choice (my first choice was a Spanish lady who just used Spanish, and despite translation on the website, I still didn’t get it :(), a room in a flat on fifth floor. My host was not originally from there, but it didn’t matter. And no language barrier, what a relief. He responded very quickly on the website, and took my call as soon as I arrived in front of the flat. We had a chat a little bit, and since he asked, I told him why I only came for such a short visit. Just a reward for a test 🙂

Okay, more pics.
Another view at the harbour

Even there is a gym in the park!

Loved the city at first sight! Many people were outside ready for the night out, dressed up, how nice! Even my host was about ready to go out. I just thought I needed a sleep and would go out the next morning and walk around. And I wasn’t hungry.

I got up early and got ready. To be honest, I didn’t do research on the city, since I didn’t have much time for that, so I just thought to enjoy the warmth and food. Unluckily, I didn’t feel hungry 😦 So, I started my morning by walking around and taking some pics of restaurant menus :))




Just imagining how those food would be served in front of me, mouth-watering! It was really a pain that I wasn’t hungry at all! After I have arrived in a city where there are many nice cafes and restaurants, with good food! Aargh. I stopped at a cafe to buy some juice. Then I walked again when I started to feel the urge to visit the loo 😛 😛 So I chose the first cafe with possible nice toilet. Then followed by apple cake and ice lemon tea for a start. 🙂

I was nearly tempted to eat the kebab for lunch, but I reminded myself I should try something Spanish, so I went for a portion of squid and prawns paella. Nice but a bit too much salt, in my opinion. It was Ristorante Trattoria, but I wouldn’t go for pizza, of course 😛

The view from the restaurant, watching people walking by enjoying the sun


There are many For Sale or For Rent signs around the city, if only I could…#daydreaming

I know, my stay was waaaaaaay too short. I had to take the flight at 4pm. One of my coworkers said that it’s like a stewardess, just stay for a night and has to go off again the next day. Well, one of the stewardesses in my next flight was in my previous one haha…

So, why Alicante? One night in Bangkok will be absolutely far too long and too pricey 😛

Well, this is not a film, but sounds a good title for one, don’t you think? 😉 Okay, booked for mine 🙂


4 thoughts on “One Night In Alicante

  1. Neldaaaa, g suka banget cerita2nya. Seperti qta ada dsna, detil n menggambarkan lo banget! Hehhhhheehehhehee. Btw sekolah apaan lg?

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