My Kosmorama 2013 Experience

I decided to become volunteer again at Trondheim Film Festival Kosmorama this year without great expectation other than to watch some good films. It wasn’t the easiest part to attend all the meetings and some free screenings for the volunteers prior to the festival since I didn’t live nearby. So I missed some of meetings and all the screenings. Finally, the festival started. It was April 15. I arrived from Oslo by bus early morning and walked to Nova cinema. Luckily, I got day off on the first day of the festival! I used the opportunity to start my day with following films:

1. ‘Den GrΓΈnne Sykkelen’ or the original title ‘Wadjda’ is a film made by the first female Saudi Arabian director Haifaa Al-Mansour. I liked this film very much. It touched me when I saw the children learning to recite Qur’an and realised I was faaar away from good at it 😦 Other things which touched me as well I won’t share here, since it might spoil the story. But I’ll say: Yes, watch this film, if you have the opportunity.

2. ‘Broken’, a British film by the director Rufus Norris. As this is his first feature film, brilliant! I have to admit, perhaps in the first 15 minutes, I felt like going out because the unfairness I saw on the film, but I thought that was that made this film terrific! All the conflicts that are familiar. What would you say if I say those are typical English? Two films in the morning. Both made me shed the tears. Happy tears to have seen both films.


I continued my Monday by watching 1 film in the afternoon and 2 in the evening.

3. Argentinian film ‘Gone Fishing’. This is a simple film. Just sit back and relax. Enjoy it.

4. ‘The Fallible Girl’. A Chinese girl doing business in United Arab Emirates. Perhaps the f-word, fallible – that interested me. I’m not sure if I’m that fallible.

5. ‘The Dandelions’. A French comedy where children as the central part, with nice and colourful scenes which surprisingly didn’t impress me and I left before it ended. Au revoir!

6. Before my first shift on Tuesday, I saw French film ‘In The House’. It crossed my mind to buy the DVD once it’s released here. Inspiring for me, it made me think of writing more πŸ˜‰

7. ‘Song For Marion’. Everybody who has seen it before me said, this is a very good movie. I will consider it okay. ‘Broken’ took my breath away already.


8. On Wednesday I worked 2 shifts, morning and evening. I used the afternoon to see ‘Tall As The Baobab Tree’ by an American director Jeremy Teicher, who was present after the film for Q&A. Who knows your first time 2-week visit to Africa would make you create your first feature film?

9. ‘Trattoria’ is about own a restaurant and deal with it. It’s Italian food in this feel-good film. Wondering if it makes me hungry? I saw it on Thursday morning. I had my stir-fried veggies and rice as breakfast, with bonus caramel pudding. So, I was fine πŸ˜‰

10. I just decided to see ‘Calm At Sea’ the day before, when I realised it is Volker Schloendorff who made it. If you happen to have seen The Tin Drum/Blechtrommel, there you go! So I thought I shouldn’t miss it even I knew the story would break my heart so bad. And it’s true. I couldn’t help myself not shed any tears. Even worse after ‘Wadjda’ and ‘Broken’. And I had to check on the mirrors how my eyes looked afterwards.

11. ‘Haute Cuisine’ is another food adventure film. I’m not that familiar yet with French cuisine, however, it’s nice to see how they are created. A pity I couldn’t come along with the group who went to the hotel restaurant to enjoy the food they have seen in the film. For a price, that I couldn’t afford. Yet.

The festival hasn’t ended yet. Please, come!


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