Me And My Shadow

Isn’t it holiday? Not exactly. It’s kind of mix of working and holidaying for me. Confusing, eh? No need. Just enjoy the pictures I just took this afternoon. I was lazy to go out in the morning. But after having soup and porridge for lunch/dinner, I forced myself to enjoy the sunshine that has been very generous to us here for this nearly whole month! Loooots of sunshine. Not necessarily warm though. Don’t forget sunglasses! Here are me and my shadow! Errr…no Frank Sinatra.


We will rock you!


Kung-Fu boy


It’s coming!


Be ready!


I’ll kick you!




Enough for the show. We’re friends now. πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “Me And My Shadow

  1. Enak yea udah mulai panas lagi.. Seneng liat kamu main kungfu di bawah matahari..sayangnya main kungfunya sendirian..coba di ajak Erina pasti dia seneng banget.. Enjoy !!!

    • Mataharinya sih kuat banget Nel. Bulan ini begini terus, tapi suhunya masih seringan minus daripada plus. Tadi keluar pake kaos tambah baju hangat tebal aja tanpa jaket. Tapi tangan masuk ke saku celana, kalo gak dingiiin. πŸ™‚

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