Five Is Not Enough

It took a week until I finally sit down (not really beautifully, accompanied by caramel pudding, sluuurrrp…) in front of computer to write this. The good news (for me) is that I have accomplished my cultural mission this month: I have been to a concert. And as you might have expected, it was Kaizers Orchestra’s. (did I hear any clappings?) πŸ™‚

I bought the tickets in November last year, and it was already the second extra concert. It was nearly the same like last year. However, it was always the best: Got the Friday concert, which was perfect, so I just had to take a weekend off. And I went to the concert with the same person, Hen. Two years in a row. Unfortunately there won’t be next year. This year is Kaizers’ last dance (one of their song titles in last album is Siste Dans which means Last dance, fyi).

So, we made appointment at 9pm at Samfundet, the student society building in Trondheim. As soon as the big door to Storsalen was open, we rushed in. That week was actually a tough one for me, and not finished yet. I got lots of paper work to do, I’ll tell you at some point in the future. I was thinking that we might sit down watching the concert. I thought I would be happy enough to be at the hall and watch the concert, wherever we ended up. But Hen had a plan to take lots of pictures, which I thought was pretty cool, since I couldn’t rely solely on my camera.

Anyway, in this post I will just use my own pics.
kaizers1_15MarThis is the first pic I made, when we were standing on the third row. I would say it wasn’t that difficult to get near the stage. Anyway, we didn’t get the first row, too late. Otherwise it was pretty safe, if you what to know what I mean, just carry on reading.

From experience last year, it might happen that people pushing you and it smells beer alot around you, but it might not be the most annoying moment. In the middle of concert, these 3 (I guess, or perhaps 4) ladies suddenly dancing like it was their own concert hall, didn’t care about the others around them. They were just moving and pushing so the others would move from their original position. One of them was really drunk, I was pretty sure. She was wearing long-arm shirt and looked really unconscious. I think it was looking really embarrassing and annoying, terrible, you name it. The other 2 (or 3) were dancing and moving, wearing armless tops, laughing like they were not bothering what was going on. Shame on you!

Uncomfortable with the situation, Hen and I moved backwards. To the back of the hall.
kaizers2_15MarThe second shot, from the back of the hall. Not bad, though. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really follow the show when we were busy finding where we should be, and decided to just stand at the back, after being evicted by the staff because we were sitting on the stairs. Not allowed.

After a short while, bored to be so far away from the stage, we moved forward again. This time at the side of the stage. I leaned myself on the stage border. As long as I could enjoy the concert, it didn’t matter where I stood. The security standing not far from me didn’t bother me. I think I was quite used to the situation since by:Larm in February ha-ha.

kaizers3_15MarAll in all, I was pretty satisfied with the concert. We rushed out right away after the concert was over, picking our stuff, and walked out of the Samfundet.

It was my Kaizers’ fifth concert so far. I know it’s not many compared to the years I have known them. There are still some I can choose this year, before I never can see them alive again. But who knows! (that they might perform alive again at some point in the future). However, I know that I will always be enjoying their music. πŸ™‚

Be calm, and enjoy the caramel pudding! Now I think I get addicted to it ha-ha-ha. πŸ˜›


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