Culture Is Important

If you have read my post about resolutions this year (or if you haven’t, read Bits and Bobs of My New Year Resolutions), one of them is to read 52 books. Today I finished my 5th book. Not the most ideal condition, since it’s March already and I am supposed to have started my 9th book at least by now. I have to admit that to watch more films is much easier for me than to read more books.

Anyway, my book list so far:
1. Min Islamske Reise (Or in English: Stranger to History – A Son’s Journey Through Islamic Lands) by Aatish Taaser
2. Notes from Qatar by Muhammad Assad
3. Love is A Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield
4. Alt Jeg Skriver Er Sant by Ellisiv Lindkvist
5. Flukt by Pramoedya Ananta Toer (In Indonesian it’s Perburuan)

Sometimes I think it might help a lot if I have more books in Indonesian 😉 And I think I have started to have long list of Indonesian books I would like to buy when I go for holidays this year. Fingers crossed! 🙂

Another resolution is to have more cultural experience.
January – I went to Oslo to see theatre at Nationalteatret. It was based on a children book called Kardemomme By or in English might be translated Cardamom Town. Read my post Missions in Oslo Part 2.

February – I (again) went to Oslo to volunteer at by:Larm and saw lots of show cases of various artists in Nordic countries (read First Time by:Larm) and started to like Heyerdahl, Oslo-based Norwegian band (please check their song on youtube). And of course Alina Devecerski. I got to know her actualy a bit late, when I checked out by:Larm website and her song attracted me already. I knew I would miss her showcase, since it was very late at night, but I got the chance to see her alive at annex tent, unplugged! She was in fact very good too unplugged. I was glad! 🙂


March – I am looking forward to Kaizers Orchestra concert in Trondheim. Æ gler mæ! 🙂


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