My First Seven Hours at by:Larm

I came to the back of the bar and met some other volunteers. Mostly worked at the bar. There was a girl, let’s call her Vicky, whom I would work with that night. She told me what we were supposed to do. Get the big trash plastic bag, disposable gloves, and off we went to pick the plastic glasses lying on the ground, floor or just left unwanted, either empty, half full or nearly full. Basically, trash. So we should fill the big trash plastic bag with all that unwanted things. Afterwards? We chucked them into the big container outside the tent. Not the easiest part, since the container was not that low, and the filled trash bag wasn’t the lightest thing on earth. Not only that. The container was behind the fences with sharp edges. So, we threw the trash bag and it got into the fences and what we got was… a beer shower. Right. Then not to forget to press the green button so the machine would function to press the trash. Or so, what I understood. Thanks to the security guy(s) who helped us later to throw the trash bag right into the container without some big deal, err I mean, the shower.

I noticed we went to the container after about an hour going in, out and around the tents and picked the trash. At least that was the rhythm in the first few hours.

The big tent was called Wimp teltet and the smaller one was called Wimp annex. So, every hour there was a concert or show case of a band in each, lasting for half an hour. So, finished with teltet, annex continued the next one. It went on and on until 3am. We went in and out of the tents. So we heard different kinds of music.
bylarm wimp

My working partner was a hard working girl. She kept on moving around. I didn’t hear her complain that she was tired. I got influenced by her somehow. We didn’t sit around. Only in the last wee hours we stood for a little break and listened a bit more to the concert.

Wimp annex was much smaller tent compared to Wimp teltet. There, among thousand unfamiliar faces I might have seen that night at the festival, I saw a familiar face! He recognised me right away when he saw me. Didrik! I met him when he came to Indonesia first time a few years ago. About some months later he came again, and that was when I got to know his girlfriend as well, Julia, an Indonesian, with whom I have contact now and then. He stayed in Indonesia for a year to learn the language and last time I heard from Julia that he was back in Norway already. What I know that he is not from Oslo. So, that was a surprise to find that he was working for by:Larm. He was the light technician at Wimp annex. Nice!

Well, another familiar face I saw was…one of Madcon duo, a Norwegian hiphop duo. Well, he didn’t sing, he was just present at Kaveh show case.
bylarm teltet

What do I think about the festival? I think it was great. You got to see different kinds of music performance from Nordic artists. By:Larm didn’t only show artists from Norway, but also from Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland (did I miss anything?). Youngstorget was only one of many places where you could get to see the concerts. Unfortunately, that was the only place I have been for this by:Larm. I actually wrote down some show cases that I would like to see, in other places, which actually was located spread in the city centre, which means not so far from Youngstorget. But I got a reason why I didn’t do that.

To be continued…


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