First Time by:Larm

When I found out the date for the English test that I was supposed to take in February was gone, I was thinking what exciting thing in this month I could find to replace the test? Oh, well, probably test is not the most exciting thing to have, but hey, it’s something that you are looking forward to having gone through and passing, isn’t it? 😉

Just instantly my fingers started to browse what I might bump into on the internet and discovered by:Larm. I heard about this festival and conference before, but wasn’t sure what it was all about. I read some of the articles on the website and ended up on the volunteer part. Without thinking too much, I filled the form immediately and clicked the send button. A few days later they called me and asked me to choose one out of three posts, that was bar (err, you don’t expect that I would stand behind the bar and serving the drinks, do you? :), vakt or security (err, do I look like a door man or a bouncer? And you certainly need to give me a serious mask and recorded strict voice for me, will you? :), and well, the last choice was rydd or tidying-up/trash team, I would say. That was the most suitable and possible choice for me. Right. What about working hours? From 9pm to 4 am. I got 2 shifts with one day off in between. Great! This was one of the craziest things I would ever do. Be careful what you wish for! You want something exciting? There you got that, dear Nelda! 🙂

I got less than 2 weeks to look forward to. No, I wasn’t dreading. I think I got to be consequent what I had chosen. I managed to arrange accommodation and transport to the capital city. Yes, it was in Oslo. Again.

To shorten the travel time, I had to take the flight both ways, which in this case didn’t necessarily mean much bigger cost, because I would have to think about the waiting time, safety, and not bothering anybody further.

bylarm program

After finished with my work on Thursday afternoon, I went to airport to catch my flight and arrived in Gardermoen, Oslo, around 6. I found out later that the time I flew was around the busiest time, so no wonder I saw a long queue and my flight got a bit delayed. And therefore I couldn’t make it to meet my friend whose place I would be staying at, to get the key before she went to the dancing course. But we decided to meet up after she was finished with the course and before I started to work. That was when I felt sore in my mouth. Must be due to the little stress.

When I reached the city centre, I went right away to Royal Christiania Hotel, where I could get my festival ID and armband.

I was supposed to work at Youngstorget, the square not far from the central train station. I had no clue what I was supposed to do when I got there. I asked the security volunteer, he had no idea either. After I met my friend and got the key for her flat, I decided just to come in to the festival tents and see what would happen.

bylarm inngang
The next security told me that I would probably work in the bar team. Later when I re-read the email from the volunteer coordinator, no reason to be confused actually, while everything was written there!hahaha… I should have read more carefully and attentively next time! Anyway, I was in. Yeay!

To be continued…


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