Twelve Years

It was in 2001 when I took part in International Student Festival in Trondheim (ISFiT). Yes, twelve years ago. And last night, I was at Samfundet in Trondheim again, attending the Plenary Session in Storsalen as part of ISFiT 2013 with theme The World’s Economic Future. All the seats were occupied, so many of us had to stand or sit on the stairs.


We didn’t stay till it ended. We continued our own session at Edgar, one of cafes – I don’t know exactly how many cafes there. We were 5, only me who wasn’t a student, and the oldest, of course hehe… Two of them study sociology, one economic and one teacher education. None of us were ISFiT participants, only one who was a functionaty/volunteer. It was a fun evening.

When I was about to leave my seat, somebody greeted me with ‘Merhaba’. I replied: “Sorry, but I am not from Turkey”. It was funny.


On the way to Trondheim and back we experienced the lowest temperature so far. Have a look!

minus24 Yes, it was freaking freezing, innit? I’ve got to look after myself more now.
Sorry for the pictures, that was not the best shot, I know. I think my camera doesn’t really work well when there isn’t enough light. Oh, well.


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