Missions in Oslo – Part 2

The next day I came out of Anne’s flat in the morning and went with her to the nearest underground (they call it Tbane) station. She to her office, and I to the central station. Not that I would leave Oslo already. Before we separated she showed me the direction to the Munch museum, which was located not far away from where were standing actually, that I intended to visit later that day.

I just sat at the central station, waiting for a while before I contacted other friend who was studying at University of Oslo. After I got the green light from her, off I went to take the Tbane to Forskningsparken, the nearest station from where she lived. I stayed there until around 12, as I told her on my message.

The plan was that I would go to the cinema, then afterwards to the museum. I went to Saga Kino, a cinema which was located not far from National theatre. I went to see Amour, a French-Austrian film which was selected as the best foreign film at Academy Awards. There were many people at the cinema, mostly older people. So I was queueing and was lucky to get the last ticket. Poor lady after me. I got the last seat on the first row. The studio was not big. Perhaps the capacity was 50 people? Just my guess. And I would say about 98% were much older people than me. What a unique experience 🙂

Unfortunately I didn’t really notice that the film duration was around 2 hours. The film was slow and with lots of details in every scene, my opinion. It reminds me of Russian film Elena that I watched last year during Kosmorama film festival.

I went to toilet afterwards and overheard somebody saying that she didn’t expect that the ending would be like what she saw. Err, me neither. I guess everybody didn’t either. Anyway, I got very hungry after the film. It was half past three and I hadn’t had my lunch. Ouch, that was why.

I was hungry and I really felt like eating something at Grønland. Maybe some kebab. What irritated me was that I got so confused with the tbane. I had to go down and up because of my confusion. Was it just me being hungry or tbane stations in Oslo could be more informative with the map, for example? I had no idea if my destination was west or eastbound. Can I say: London, I miss you? 😉

When I arrived at Grønland, I just went to the first kebab restaurant I found. I think the name was Verona. While waiting for my food, I thought, no, I wouldn’t be able to make it to the museum. The museum was closed at 6 indeed, but I had bought ticket for a play at Nationalteatret at 6. I wouldn’t want to have another confusion at tbane station again in short time, for sure.

I just wanted to take things easy, and for that there was something to sacrifice. As I told you earlier on my previous post, I always ended not visiting museum, I am afraid, it happened again!

When it was time for the teatre, yeay! I went to the ticket counter to pick up my ticket which I had reserved.
billett What was I going to see? It was Folk og røvere i Kardemomme By (People and the thieves in cardamom town). It was a play for children. No wonder there were many children accompanied by their parents, guardians, or who knows who. I just would really like to go to theatre again, and I was searching what Oslo had to offer since I was going to go there. I thought I wouldn’t try something difficult languagewise. I knew this story already, based on Thorbjørn Egner book (I read it) and at my working place we played it once. I was the trikkefører Sivertsen 🙂

nationalteatret1 Look at the stage!

It was my second time to be at Nationalteatret in Oslo. The first time it was many years ago when I attended a seminar and one of the programs was to see Hedda Gabler play by Ibsen there. This time was my own intiative and my own money too. Well, I chose the most reasonable seat, that was on the second balcony, on the top. It was on the third floor. Oh, well.

nationalteatret2 Look at the audience! Soon to be full

In fact it was the highlight of the day. The two hour play including the break didn’t let me down at all. I was very entertained. I heard that they got good review for this play. I was sure that I would have a good night sleep on the bus back to Trondheim that night.

Well, I got to meet the next friend before I left. A Lithuanian lady. We met at Cafe Sør. And she looked way much better than I met the first time. No wonder the boys at our next table bothered to compliment you, Ruta! 😉

I had good time, Oslo. I’ll see you again! 🙂


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