Missions in Oslo – Part 1

Before I started this short holiday, I was searching on the internet what I would like to do in this Norwegian capital. I have been to Oslo quite many times. And from those many moments, I would say that I always ended up NOT visiting any museums. Having read Digital Nomad – Andrew Evans mentioning Munch museum as his best list of museum in 2012, I was intrigued.

This time I was also searching for bibimbap hihi… what is it? It’s Korean food. In Indonesia, something (South)Korean might be something trendy, you name it, from films, filmstars, boys bands, girls bands, food, to the language. Popular. Not in Oslo, unfortunately. Restaurant that I found on the internet, which might serve Korean food, also serves Japanese and other oriental food. Then I thought the choices would be limited.

I sent message to my friend Anne, who just bought a new flat last year(!), a few weeks beforehand, if it was possible to stay at her place. Last year I stayed at her old place, when she was still sharing flat with her friend. Now she lives on her own flat. After a few messages we agreed that we would cook dinner together, and since in her area there were lots of exciting food shops, she wondered if I would like to cook something Indonesian. Err…I basically like cooking, but if someone asks me to cook something Indonesian, I always frown first and pretend to think 😛 But hey, it would be fun! And I decided to cook something with chicken.

I arrived from Tønsberg by train around 5.20 pm.
OsloS Anne was on the way already. We walked to Grønland, where we could buy the ingredients we needed. I was still not very sure what I was going to cook actually. I mean, yes, it would be fried chicken, with what? Until last minutes, I grabbed some bean sprouts, yes, with some pepper would be good. 🙂

Her flat was on fifth floor. Ouch. But, no problemo… When we got there, we started cooking right away. Then I found out that she didn’t have turmeric powder. I wasn’t sure what the turmeric would do to the chicken, to be honest. Later I found out that it is not only for the colour, but also for the flavour. Anne’s brother who was at that time staying with her (until he could find a new place), came after us and she asked him to go to the nearest shop to buy turmeric powder. If my sister would do this thing to me I would say no. Man, fifth floor, then I had to go down, go out and up again? No way, Jose! But hey, that’s what brothers are for! 😛 Despite the effort, he found no turmeric for us at the shop. Just keep on cooking, then.

Every time I cook fried chicken, I actually want it to be crispy. But in fact it takes a looong time. I often fail, since usually I can’t wait 😛 Not this time either, we were pretty hungry. Well, chicken were cooked, that’s what matters 😉

After dinner, Anne suggested that we watched a film. It was a documentary by Wim Wenders, about Pina Bausch, a German choreographer and dancer. What attracted me the most was not the dance, unfortunately – I find it interesting yet tiring to watch sometimes – but in fact the Wuppertal Schwebebahn or Wuppertal floating tram as background. They were shooting somebody dancing in the tram a few times. Check out Wuppertal Schwebebahn. It might be a good idea for the next mission 😉

Oslo the next day coming…

To be continued…


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