Up and Down In The South

I arrived Saturday afternoon in Grimstad and left on Monday afternoon, so I spent 2 nights there. Concerning my holiday which was pretty short, it was luxury to stay somewhere more than one night, particularly when I planned to travel a bit around. This time I chose Arendal as starting point of my next transport. My friend who got itchy feet, insisted to come with me with her baby in trolley to Arendal, despite the broken arm. Luckily she got permission from her husband. When we were about to get on the bus, there were a bunch of kindergarten children and their teachers walking to our direction. All of a sudden one teacher lost her grip and fell on the ground. Thank God the bus stopped already. Gosh.

The day before, my friend’s husband showed me the map of Arendal, how I could get to the train station from the bus station. He mentioned about tunnel. When I was in the town, I didn’t go through the tunnel. I passed it by and found another way. I was walking this way and the road was going up and up and up. Without snow grip on my shoes, I wouldn’t dare go, I was pretty sure. I met a woman who was walking to my direction, which means she was walking down and down, and she was taking it very slowly. When I reached the top, I took a picture.

Arendal1There you go! Do you feel like walking down this road without any protection on your shoes?

Relieved to reach the end of the road in one piece, just to find out the coming road was going down. Just not too extreme as the previous one.

Arendal2 Arendal, ouch! 😛
It was pretty small road by the way, so when one car coming, you have to stand on the edge of the road. But everything was fine and I found the train station.

Thirty minutes to Nelaug. Change the train.
Around 3 hours to Drammen. Change the train.
Around 40 minutes to Tønsberg. I was picked by 3 persons, only one I knew previously. Then another half an hour by car, and then my destination! Here I met some filipina friends and one from Tanzania.
We talked that night until midnight. That was our second meeting. I had fun time, guys! That one of them got up late the next day, oops…hihi…

I think the best feeling is when you are welcome somewhere warmly. When people treat you nicely. It make you feel at ease and avoid any awkward moment. Correeeeect??? Bless the nice people!

I stayed one night only but at least I could show off my skill to fry salmon with salt and pepper hehehe… 😛 Afterwards I felt that I ate too much salmon. Oopss…

In the afternoon I took the bus to Tønsberg and was there around one hour before heading to my next destination: Oslo.

To be continued…


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