To The South We Go!

There were actually two things I would really like to do this January, first was to attend Tromsø International Film Festival, and second to see Kaizers Orchestra concert in Oslo Opera House. To do both was a bit most unlikely to happen. Tromsø is too expensive and too lonely to spend on my own. Kaizers concert was more feasible, only when I was checking the availability of the concert, all was sold out! Right.

I spent quite some time to arrange this short holiday, what to do, who to visit, where to stay, what to take to get to my destination, how to not spend too much 😛 Thanks to Lavprisekspressen which made my trip comfortable yet reasonable 🙂

I finally made up my mind to take Lavprisekspressen night bus from Trondheim to Oslo as a start. It was a double-decker one, like! A lot of space! Wifi onboard, and there were sockets on the side of the seat. It cost me 49 Kroner, ladies and gentlemen! Slap me on the face, this is not a dream! It was just… I didn’t take off my jacket, and despite 2 layers of stockings and my jeans, I felt still cold. I wasn’t sure but I think the roof window was open. However, despite the outside temperature that showed from -12 to -24, I could sleep. Well done. Safe and sound arrived in Oslo Bussterminalen, after 8 hour-trip, half an hour faster than scheduled.

Three and a half more hours waiting for the next bus which would take me even more south. Another Lavprisekspressen with direction to Stavanger, which is located on the south west coast. But I didn’t go that far. I just stopped in Grimstad. It was around four hours from Oslo. I visited a good friend of mine who had wedding party last year, you can find the story in Finally The Wedding! Just around a week before I came, unfortunately she had an accident. It was slippery on the ground because of the snow. She was walking to kindergarten holding her baby, and she fell. The baby just got some bruise, my friend broke her arm. Ouch. Lesson: Remember to have your snow grip for shoes whenever you think it’s necessary. Prevention is better than cure.

Despite the lack of both hands working properly, I still felt I was served very well by her! Of course I also showed how talented I was at washing up 😛 She invited two other mixed Indonesian-Norwegian families to come to her place and we had a good time, food and talks in Indonesian 🙂

Here are some pictures I took while on my bus from Oslo to Grimstad.


By the way, wondering what I did while waiting for the bus? Read alot, walk alot! I brought 3 books with me, only 2 I could manage to read, one finished one not yet. I walked to train station to find the toilet. Of course, there are toilets as well at the bus station. However, I felt it was good to walk around. And in fact, it saved me 10 kroner, because when I got to the toilet at train station, it was open, since it was early, so I didn’t have to pay 😛 And thanks to Secret Garden original soundtrack music on my spotify 🙂

To be continued…


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