How Low Can You Go?

I remember the ad of one cigarette brand back in Indonesia with that tag line. But I am not talking about level of nicotine here, which I will not enjoy either. I am talking about the temperature now. It was freezing cold already in December, and I shivered twice. I mean, really that my body was shivering all over I thought oh God, please let me tidy my room first…hehe…that was really what I had in my mind, lying in my bed looking at my messy room while I couldn’t do anything about it šŸ˜¦

In the first 2 weeks of January the temperature suddenly got up again we thought, oh my, this can’t be true! Eight degree in January? Then it dropped again and started to be again, very cold and real weather of January. It’s around 11 below zero now. They said it’s getting milder on the weekend. How low? Probably -8 šŸ˜› The snow still stays but since it doesn’t snow again yet, it is not enough for skiing unfortunately. The lake is still frozen. Yes, you can walk on it. Well, I haven’t tried it yet, hopefully soon šŸ™‚ Among all the things, to have seen the snow in its special form was really amazing! So I took some pictures with my mobile phone, maybe not the best. It was a great feeling to step on it, and hear the sound of it. Accompanied by the sunshine.


ice2 I think they look like broken glasses and crystal.

I was in town on Tuesday, went around in town in cold weather and the day after I think I pushed myself a bit too much (cooking common meal and tidying up) so I got exhausted afterwards and I felt my head was very heavy when I woke up this morning. Now I got better and feel like sharing those pictures to you. Hope you enjoy them!

And I will be on holidays starting tomorrow evening. I got cheap tickets, hope all is worth it! Going to the south and meet some friends. Looking forward to it!

I shouldn’t complain about the temperature, because in other places, especially some inland places, it could get up to 30 below zero, even lower. Ouch.


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