Tom Yum Is The Code

Hey, Happy New Year 2013!

Have you tried Tom Yum? hahaha… what a question. 😉

I think it was my fourth time to come to Bangkok cafe yesterday. It was my fourth time as well to have delicious Tom Yum there. So far I have only been to 2 Thai restaurants in town, the other one is called Benja Siam. I don’t know exactly how many Thai restaurants there are actually in town. I know the third one, but I checked their website once, the prices are slightly higher than the two I have been. Well, unfortunately not yet a visit there for time being.

Since it’s New Year, I suppose many people talked about new year resolutions. Have I made some? Yes. I like doing this. Related to food, I made one of resolutions which is visiting new eating place every month. I like making resolutions that is measurable and possible for me, and that should be fun!

More to come.


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