Bits and Bobs of My New Year Resolutions

Some of you might have bumped into my post last year Bits and Pieces of New Year Resolutions. Whether you have or you haven’t, I will make some review of them now, which ones have been fulfilled, which ones haven’t.

#1 regarding films. I started with a challenge to myself to watch one film a week or equal to 52 films a year. In fact, I upgraded my challenge to 100 films a year, and I have successfully accomplished it.

#2 regarding literature books. It was a total fiasco. I was excited about it only after I have read Pramoedya Ananta Toer quartet books. The Idiot by Dostoevsky that I started to read was then left untouched. Ouch…

#3 natural/organic toilettries. I started to use more paraben free toilettries, say, body lotion, shower gel, body butter, and more to come! And at the same time I and my younger sister started to sell Pourvous, body care with free paraben and other five hazardous stuff-free. Made in Indonesia!


This is the shower gel I brought with me. They are making the new shower gel with new formula now, so they are going to launch the new one around March. Excited! Please come and visit our pourvous blog Sisters Journey. Thanks!

#4 travel around Norway in 2012? I managed to come to Oslo a few times, Tromsø in the north in January, Grimstad twice, Ålesund on the west coast in summer. That is all. Still more places to go for sure!

#5 Writing? I am still blogging, ahaha… Well, I have compiled my writings and started to edit them. I lack of readers to give me feedback still.

And now… the new resolutions to come!

1. I will read one book a week or equal 52 books. I started with one book I borrowed from library. It is called “Min islamske reise” in Norwegian. The original title is “Stranger to History – A Son’s Journey Through Islamic Lands” written by Aatish Taaser. He was a journalist in Time magazine. This is his first book.

islamske reise

2. One new country. I don’t put any ambitious goal to visit many countries this year. That will be a blessing if I could visit more than one. However, I haven’t decided which one to visit yet. Ideas crossed my mind. We’ll see for sure. 🙂

3. One new film festival. I haven’t decided on this either. There are so many choices! Even here in Norway I haven’t managed to visit all of them. That is still homework.

4. New eating place to visit every month. As I wrote on my previous post, I put this as one of my new year resolutions. I know I tend to come to the same place to have the same kind of food. Especially if I am just hungry and want to eat!haha… So this resolution requires me to be more creative and more of a planmaker. 😉

5. To balance my reading activity, I require myself to read Koran everyday.

6. More cultural experience. I have bought a ticket for a theatre in Oslo this month. And Kaizers Orchestra’s concert in March. What about February? April? May? And so on… Only excitement! 🙂

Fingers crossed everyone?!
Thanks a lot! *big grin*


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