Week #29 – Front Page

This is not actually another dream comes true. I never thought they would put it on the front page in the first place. Me? On the front page? Never. Who am I? Last week when somebody came to me (from the local paper) and asked a few questions, then took a picture of me, I thought that it would be like any other stories on that paper before. Some of the people I work with have been on the paper quite often.

And then a few days ago my workmates started to come to me wondering if I had seen myself on the paper. Front page! Ahaha… So far I got good feedback from them. They appreciated it. Moreover I think the journalist wrote it pretty nicely too. Thank you!

bladet It made my 29th week of new thing this year. Well, on top of that, I tried another Christmas cookies – Berlinerkranser. And first time to bake my own pepperkake. Oh well, I bought the dough in the supermarket 😛

On this special occassion, I would like to thank all my workmates for all the good things we have been through this year. Let’s take it easy for the rest of this week, shall we?hehehe…

One more week for my one-new-thing-a-week challenge. I have started something. Let me come up with the report a bit later. 🙂


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