Festive Season = Food Party?


Here comes the festive season which, for many people, means being together with family. And since I live far away from my family, for myself it means food party 🙂

In Norway it’s a tradition to celebrate this season to get together with friends or workmates long before Christmas (I heard some of them started as early as in October!), having dinner together in a restaurant, eating special food. They call it Julebord. Literary meaning Christmas table. This year I have been to 3 Julebord. Not that I am a fan of ribbe 😛 Most of those special food, unfortunately, I can’t eat due to my religious dietary restrictions. My only choice was lutefisk. It was last year my first time Julebord and tried lutefisk. I heard about some of my coworkers who definitely hated it. I dared try it for what-else-can-you-eat’s sake. Even when I was spooning it into my mouth, trying to swallow it, I still had a doubt it was fish at all, I was questioning myself: This must be fat! Argh, meat fat!!!
Calm down, Nel, it was fish 😛

Bless the delicious desserts so I still could be stuffed without having proper main menu.

This year I was invited to Julebord again, and surprisingly I was adamant to have another go on lutefisk. Surprisingly I enjoyed it and had another plate 😛 My portion of dessert was getting smaller, I think because I was pretty stuffed with lutefisk haha… What did I eat along with lutefisk? Mashed swede (rutabaga) and sour cabbage. Not bad at all, I have to say. My second Julebord was not with Norwegian traditional Julebord food. The third one, again, lutefisk, but this time with sour red cabbage, along with king prawns and mushroom in sauce, potato salad, smoked salmon, a slice of bread, egg salad. Err, yes, I ate them in one plate 😛 And caramel pudding as dessert. It was gooood. I was full and happy.

Not even Christmas yet. I think I still should be aware, more food to come!


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