Week #28 – A Hundred Films A Year Challenge – Done!

Yes, finally I have finished this challenge. Well done, me! 🙂
I finished this on Monday, and when I was writing this, I was already done with my 103rd film this year. So, I have seen 100 films from 23 countries, where US is on the top as the most films made/come from (37 films). Followed by France (12 films), UK and Indonesia (9 films) and Norway (8 films) as big five.
If you wonder if there was a month when I saw no films at all. The answer: yes. I didn’t watch any films in September. Any film not worth to see at all? I will say: American Pie Beta House. I wondered how on earth I could manage to finish it. For this challenge’s sake? 😛 There were some films that I couldn’t continue because of violence in them.

In 2012 I only visited Tromsø International Film Festival and Trondheim International Film Festival Kosmorama. I hope in 2013 I can visit some other film festivals. Fingers crossed! Film festivals help me be able to watch various films from different countries. And of course Trondheim Public Library was such a good help, as they have various collections, thanks a lot and thumbs up!


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