Week #27 Trøndelag Teater

I know this is not the first time I live in this part of Norway, but I have to admit I had never been to the theater in town before yesterday. Okay, call me…whatever you want, I couldn’t find the right word to help you 😛 Well, I have been to the theater in Oslo one day, say, 10 years ago, to see Hedda Gabler, one of Ibsen’s works. But I am sorry I can’t recall the story, since I didn’t even bother to read about the story. Okay, call me again whatever you want. I am not the keenest person in terms of literature, to be honest.

However, whenever I read the cultural part of the regional newspapers here, it crossed my mind to experience again some cultural activities one day that involve plays, music and big audience. I read a bit about Jul i Prøysenland that plays in Trøndelag Teater in newspapers a few weeks ago, before it started. Two names that attracted me the most were Mads Bones and Espen Klouman Høiner. I have seen Mads Bones played for an outdoor play called Korsvikaspillet Håkon og Kark in summer. Espen Klouman Høiner I have known from films Reprise and Switch, and I read something about him on the internet too, that he writes and used to work in a radio station. And that he moved to Trondheim. They are involved in this play. Last week I heard somebody mentioned about this play at my working place. With no doubt I raised my hand to be part of the group who would go. Not my luck yet, it wasn’t supposed to be my turn. Oh well. At least I showed my enthusiasm 🙂

In fact, I could pick the fruits of my enthusiasm. A few days later, short after lunch time I got the news that I could come if I wanted, to replace somebody who couldn’t make it. Yeay!

Then off we went to the Prøysenland! 🙂

I tried to pick the picture from Trøndelag Teater, but I couldn’t. So I picked this picture from Radio Revolt report on this play

See? All those exciting colours 🙂 Mads Bones playing Jo, the little boy who will be soon 4 years old (front) and Espen Klouman Høiner playing Hans, one of the twin brothers (left).

As you might have known me, I am not good at making review, so I will not give review about this play. Since it is in Norwegian, you can always visit the theater’s website Jul i Prøysenland.

It’s been very coooooold here. Tonight it might have reached -19. And I am not in my room. This room is very coooooold so I have to put my jacket on! I am happy to have written this week’s new thing. But soon time to go back to my room! Yipppii! 🙂


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