Week #22 Eight Hours At Istanbul Airport

On the way back to Norway, I spent some time at Istanbul Airport. Yes, eight hours. This was my second time to be there. More time to have a look around and for myself. The idea to take Turkish Airlines was that it didn’t require long layover on the way to Jakarta and on the way back I might come out of airport to see Istanbul city. Which unfortunately didn’t happen. Because I was broke 😛

So I took my time since I came out of the airplane. Amazingly I spent alot of time sleeping. From Singapore it took about 11hours. After meal I slept and when I was awake it was about 5 more hours to destination (Istanbul).

There were lots of people who were apparently back from their pilgrim tour in Mecca. I was looking for prayer room and thinking to spend some time there.


I arrived at Istanbul around 6 in the morning and should go to boarding gate at 13.20.


At the prayer room I read a book that I bought in Indonesia, Notes from Qatar 2, by Muhammad Assad. This book is full of inspiration. I got the first book and was amazed how big the power of shodaqoh (giving alms/charity) can be. I didn’t sleep because I had enough of it. Surprisingly I wasn’t hungry either.

It was interesting to have a look at the different people who came to the prayer room. Most of them presumably came back from pilgrim in Mecca. I heard different languages and couldn’t guess what they were. It must be more exciting when I really got the chance to come to Mecca. Insha Allah oneday, ameen.

Time passed by and time to go to boarding gate.


I took a snapshot of outside the airport. Look at the nice weather!


I still hope I can visit Istanbul next time. This board encourages me a lot 🙂


See you next time, Istanbul!


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