Week #20 Home Is Where The Clothes Are

Finally I got the chance to go home in the middle of October. For 2 weeks. Some have wondered why I took such a short holiday. I answered: That’s what I got and that’s what I needed 🙂

I was longing to see my parents and my sisters again. And there were several things I needed to do back home. To realise all of them, first I got to find flight tickets. There were a few airlines as my choices. Emirates was on the top. Unfortunately the closest I got was to fly from Copenhagen, Denmark. I didn’t feel like having a stop at airport in Copenhagen. I just did it a few weeks earlier on the way back from Estonia.

I checked several departures from Germany and The Netherlands. They might have been reasonable. But then the flights from Norway to there would be pricey. Hm, not the best option.

Qatar Airways was the next choice. I heard a lot about this airlines being complimented by many, especially regarding their services. Therefore I registered myself as Qatar Airways Privilege Club with hope to try it out oneday. Unfortunately their connecting flights weren’t something I fancied this time. Nine or ten hour transit in Doha on the way to Jakarta. No, I wanted to make it quick to Jakarta.


I remembered my Miles&Smiles membership from Turkish Airlines, that I hadn’t used yet. I checked on their website, and found transit less than 3 hours in Istanbul. Yiihaaa… So, this was the first time I flew with Turkish Airlines. From Oslo to Istanbul it took about 3,5 hours. I got myself familiar with Istanbul airport by reading the reviews on the internet. Mostly not really nice reviews, I’d conclude. Mostly about the long queue and staff at the airport not being the nicest or friendliest. Oh well, I booked the ticket already and paid for it. Let’s see. One of my coworkers who just spent holiday in Turkey, said that there are lots of shops at airport. I felt enlightened 🙂

We didn’t fly on time from Oslo. And the arrangement to call passengers to board was not the best either. In this case Emirates is better. I felt appreciated that I had mileage membership, so I could board earlier. Well, of course after business class and gold members 🙂

When we arrived at Istanbul, oh my God, I finally saw myself what people have talked about: the long queue at security check. I felt like going to toilet, but oh, another long queue in the toilet, so I decided to stand on security check queue instead. According to schedule, we were supposed to arrive at 22.40. But we arrived later, and at 23.40, I was still queueing. It seemed that everybody was hurrying and worried to miss their next flights. One lady asked me to allow her to go before me. I let her, since I saw her boarding time was 23.35. Seconds later I saw my boarding pass. My boarding time was 23.40. Oioi… I was trying not to panic. And that I still had one mission to accomplish: Find a souvenir bell! Somebody asked me to buy her that. After security check, I came into the first souvenir-shop I could see, and asked the shop assistant about the bell immediately. I found the bell. Pfui, mission accomplished. Yeay! And now hurry to the gate. Hop hop, enough time 🙂

And the next 13 hour journey to Jakarta via Singapore. I might not be so enthusiastic about the sky culinary this time, but I managed to have it just fine on the way. Two good films, some games, some documentaries, and enough sleep. I was just wondering, do Turkish foods use lots of eggplants? I think there was eggplant in every meal. All in all, I was pretty satisfied with the service onboard.


I arrived at home safe and sound and started to sort out my things, including clothes. As in title, home is where the clothes are 🙂

By the way, the new things are:
– going home to Indonesia while staying abroad
– taking Turkish Airlines
– having been at Ataturk airport, Istanbul
– buying souvenir in Turkey

That’s about it. What is your new thing this week? 🙂


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