Week #19 Bergenstest

I know this blog has been kind of neglected, by me. Ouch. Well, not yet one month 😛 But here I come again. With the challenge that was done a few weeks ago. I took Bergenstest on October 13, 2012. It’s Norwegian language test. There are a few Norwegian language tests that one can take. This one is required if he/she is planning to study here in Norway. At first I wanted to do it in April, but I wasn’t that confident. So, was I more confident when I took it in October? Errr…I wasn’t sure. I was just feeling that I should do it this time. It was like testing myself, since it was long time ago I took any kind of test, I suppose. If I didn’t do it this time, I would just forget to study hard 😛 So, how long was my preparation? One week 😛 I mean, intensive preparation, including long hours reading newspapers and workbooks, and going through the papers from my teacher. Did it help? Ask me later after I got the result. In about two weeks’ time. However, whether I passed it or not, I feel that I need to learn a lot still. A loooooooot… Now you can just wish me luck! 😉


4 thoughts on “Week #19 Bergenstest

  1. ya ampun.. kita udah lama banget ga senggolan ya..
    udh jarang ngeblog, apalagi BW..
    dunia nyata sedang menyita..

    aku ga bisa ngebayangin bahasa Norwegia kayak apa.. hehe
    tapi semoga test-nya berhasil 🙂

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