Week #18 Potatoes And Ticket

It’s been 2 weeks ago I wrote here last time. I was just uninspired to write something. Hopefully forgiven. However I try to keep up with my challenge to do one new thing every week. My 100 films-a-year-challenge hasn’t shown any improvement. I didn’t see any film in September, can you believe it? But I will make it up in the last two weeks of October *fingers crossed*

There are 2 new things in week #18. As I have written as title, first is something to do with potatoes. I helped to harvest potatoes. Unfortunately no pics 😦 I know. Disappointing, isn’t it? It was my debut, but no proof of any kind of pics. I walked with the others, and when we got to the field, I just realised I should have brought my camera with me. Oh well.

The second thing is that the first time I bought Turkish Airlines ticket. I would say this is a challenge, because so far I was more interested in Middle Eastern airlines when it comes to long haul flight. Well, not exactly true, because my last long haul flight was with Thai Air. So, it should be good to try new thing, don’t you think? 😉


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