Week #16-17 Sushi In Tallinn

Yes, Estonia. One of the Baltic countries. I knew I was going to go there, and I thought it would be useful if I learnt a bit about the language. Youtube is the easiest option, I would say. At least to learn to say ‘hi’ and ‘good-bye’.

I went there not for holidays, it was part of my work. So I didn’t expect I would spend time to go around and explore the country. However it was nice experience, and I travelled with some of my coworkers, that was probably the best part.

We were not really in Tallinn, the capital city. Our program was taken place in the country side. Airport was the closest we got to the city, since it was located not far from the city centre.

I checked some youtube videos regarding learning Estonian, I met and heard Estonians speaking the language, I ate some Estonian dish, I took Estonian Air, I bought some Estonian souvenirs, hm, what else?

Oh yes, I ate sushi in Tallinn airport, served by the seller with very good English. Eight fifty Euro with mango juice. Head aega, eesti! πŸ™‚


This is where we ate Estonian dish. I heard Veski in finnish language means toilet πŸ™‚


Entering the Tallinn airport


Estonian Air


My little Estonian fun airplane, I didn’t think it was that small.


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