Many Things…

I just realised there have been many things going on around me lately. I can’t list all of them one by one, but among them I will say: my cold. I started to feel something in my throat last Saturday. I knew I was going to have a cold. I was tired and many people at my working place got a cold. And if you are there working or doing activities together, a little chance that you’ll miss it. Long story short, since yesterday I started to have runny nose, but luckily better throat. The worst part of me being sick is regarding food. Once I get sick or become mellow because of sickness, I will start to be a little bit fussy about food. I have been missing my country’s food. Luckily again, this is not so bad now. I still have pretty good appetite.

To avoid getting overwhelmed, I always try to sleep at least 6 hours a day. So far it works. I also try to keep up with my challenge(s). My Writing 1 hour a day got a bit rotten. On the 8th day I completely forgot about it – it was tough day at work. Up until now I haven’t managed to make this challenge up. So I just thought that it will take a bit longer. No need to get stressed!

My room’s floor is messy to the max now – no picture, of course. Lots of papers. I don’t know when I will manage to tidy them up. And starting on Sunday I will be away until the next few days. Oh no. And now it’s not the perfect time either. I am here blogging instead. Bad, bad.

Apart from those things, I feel however inspired and blessed for many things. I am glad that I still get the chance to learn about things, to expect something (not too much), and to realise how important to be healthy.

On my day off this week I used my time to visit somebody at hospital. It was a good feeling to be able to be there. All of sudden some noise from outside grabbed our attention. A helicopter came and landed on the heli pad on top of the building across from where I was sitting. It was an air-force helicopter. I had no idea what was going on. But not an emergency situation. I took some pictures.



I hope you are as happy and healthy as (nearly) me šŸ™‚


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