A Few New Things on Week #14

Another week has gone by, and a few new things came up this week. Nothing big. But still, they made my life somehow… sweeter? Blessed?

Sweeter? Yes, because I bought 3 pieces Gullbrød at the same time. Look!

It’s chocolate with marzipan fill, yumm… why 3? Why not? 😛 Well, I checked on the supermarket rack and was surprised that it costs 10Kr each, so I decided to buy not only one. Later at the till I found out it costs 15.20 each. Oh well, still they made my life sweeter 😉

Blessed? I called my parents 3 times in 3 days in a row. Why did I do that? Why not? Only a small chat. However, it was nice.

This morning a friend of mine sent me text message, wondering if I could call him as soon as possible. I did it seconds after I saw the message. Hey you, what’s up? I asked. At the end of the line he told me that his mother passed away.

It was… not only sad, but perhaps a weird feeling too?
I never met her, but talked to her once on the phone. She normaly used the local dialect, but tried hard to use the standard language when talking to me. And I tried hard not mix the language with my Norwegian.

Deepest condolence.


4 thoughts on “A Few New Things on Week #14

  1. Jeg har aldri prøvt gullbrød. Jeg liker heller marzipanen som man kan bruke til å lage julekeks.
    Og den saken med mora af vennina: også deepest condolence!
    Ha en god tid ellers! Klem!

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