Week #12 – Jordbær Pikene, Trondheim

Which new cafe or eating place that you visited recently?

Last week I went to town and came to this cafe in Trondheim Torg shopping centre called Jordbærpikene (literally meaning strawberry girls). I noticed this place already a while ago, but twice I visited the cafe next door instead, which is called Deilig (meaning delicious), and was happy enough with their simple margharita pizza.

So, finally. Jordbærpikene. A nice cozy cafe with varieties of food and cakes. It is normally pretty busy during lunch time. I went there again today and chose to sit on the other side. As comfy as last time.

I would like to have such a cafe one day! #fingerscrossed


Well, only took a picture of the serviette, unfortunately. Enjoyed my Wienerbrød so much that I didn’t bother to take other pictures. Plus, I know, I should have bought other kind of food 😛 However I can say the cheese sandwich, lasagna and pasta looked mouthwatering 😉

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