Week #11 – Pstereo, Trondheim

Now my One-new-thing-a-week-challenge already comes into the eleventh week. Well done? Nooo…still long way to go. However, I feel good everytime I have done something new. It doesn’t matter how small it is, as long as it makes my life more colourful, yeaaah, just carry on… 🙂

What did I do last week?
I came to a music festival – it’s called Pstereo, which is held annually in Trondheim, the third biggest city in Norway. I heard about this festival last year, but I didn’t come. So, this year it was my first time to attend this festival and at the same time to become a volunteer. To be honest I sent my application already in April (4 months prior to the festival), when I found out they had Kaizers Orchestra as one of the bands who would perform. I didn’t want to waste this opportunity, since I live just on the outskirts of this student city.

To make the story short, I was ready to work on Friday, August 17. I was assigned as one of volunteers who would work in ticket team, which was divided into 2 sections, the ones who sold the tickets and the ones who would set the festival armband – I got the latter one. I worked from 10-16, and served more than 400 people. I could imagine how busy it would be on the later shift, since the ticket which was sold for the first day probably more than 6000 tickets.

The ticket for the festival was finally sold out only on the first day, which didn’t leave much work for the team. But on the second day the staff split the team so some of volunteers could help in other place.

I went to my friend’s place, where I was staying, after work, to take a rest and to re-energize myself, since I would go back to the festival to see some concert in the evening.

When I came it was Den Svenska Bjørnstammen who was performing. My first impression was they were so energetic and I find their songs also interesting. I got kind of captured right away 🙂 This was the first time I heard of them and I would say I like it. Glad that I watched them live.


Then as the last band of the first day, Kaizers Orchestra came out at 22.55. This was my second concert this year. I know I couldn’t pursue more than that although I know they have lots of concerts around Norway. However I feel lucky already 🙂

They played 14 songs. I stood not close to the stage, it was in fact a bit far but I was glad that I could watch even from a far. It finished after midnight and I reached the bus stop nearly half past twelve and noticed that the first night bus only came at 1. So I decided to walk home. I had no idea how long it would take. I never walked to my friend’s place before, she just once dropped me somewhere so I walked from there to town. But I think that is why we are given brain and legs, so we could think and walk to find the right way 😉

So I walked. About 2 bus stops before the last one, I saw the bus coming. I made the right decision. It took me about 1 hour to get home. I called my friend when I was already in front of the flat and she got up only to open the door for me. It was a great day (hm, apart from waking my friend up at midnight).

However, I thought that I wouldn’t repeat what I did on the first day. My legs got so tired. I wouldn’t take night bus. I wouldn’t wake up my friend at midnight again. I just wanted to go home and have some rest. It doesn’t matter that I wouldn’t see any special concert on the second day. I was looking forward to the next day, the Eid party. Foooood…. 🙂


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